My Reflections On Nuclear Energy

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If I were given 10 billion dollars, I would look into developing fusion reactors as energy sources for the future. It would be nice to come up with new ideas of inventions in the future with fusion reactors. Like trying to invent something collaborated with technology that we can use that can help us with things we are unable to do with our own way of figuring things out.

     Things such as agriculture, medications, and ways that can help us explore more into the unknown about space. Like coming up with more advanced technology ideas of trying to develop robot like machines to explore outer space.

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Fusion has a specific radiation that is created. Fusion is the process of bringing the nuclei together to form a stable nucleus. The atom produced was a mass less than the two light atoms that bonded. The missing mass is what is given off as energy.

A current application fusion has is generating electricity. Nuclear fusion is a clean source of energy that is safe for future generations. Combustion won’t occur in nuclear power, which there is no cause for air pollution.

First thing about looking into developing fusion reactors as energy sources for the future. Research shows that 795 million people were suffering from chronic undernourishment. And so this quote shows some people don’t get enough energy from food that is required for your body to get a specific amount of energy in foods.  Radiation and radioisotopes that are in food and agriculture, helps reduce that chronic undernourishment. The radiation from the nuclear energy of fusion is a friendly source of energy. There are no environmental impacts, which means greenhouse gas is not produced or even global warming. I’d put together a research study, to find out more about what the radiation of fusion can do to help reduce effects of food like this.

The second thing I would look into when developing fusion reactors as energy sources for the future is medicine. Radiation from nuclear energy of fusion helps treat medical conditions like cancer. The radiation is what weakens the cells within the unhealthy medical conditions. Nuclear medicine is what helps doctors diagnose patients very easily and quickly.  I would like to look into finding some tools to use to find out more about using radiation from fusion. And researching more about nuclear energy. It really looks like its helping people a lot. Making their jobs somewhat a bit easier, and more convenient.

The last thing I would like to look into when wanting to when developing fusion reactors as energy sources for the future is space. Through time, nuclear energy has been an important source of energy for space. Nuclear power uses nuclear fission in a chain reaction. And radioisotope thermoelectric generators, also called (RTG) for short, is a source of power. They use Plutonium- 238, which can’t be shut down when used in spacecraft. With that, fission systems are more effective than RTG’s.

And these are my thoughts to look into when going to develop fusion reactors as energy sources for the future.

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