A Research for Nuclear Fusion

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Nuclear energy is the energy that is released during nuclear fission or fusion, especially when used to create electricity. There are ninety-eight nuclear fission reactors in thirty states that generate nearly twenty percent of the nation's electricity. Unlike the usage of fossil fuels for energy, there are no carbon emissions when it comes to creating nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not limited to the only the only benefit of carbon-free electricity, but also it also powers space exploration, sterilizes medical equipment, provides potable water through desalination, and more. Given 10 billion dollars, 20% would be given to run nuclear fission energy reactors, and the other 80% would be given to the research of the development of fusion reactors as sources of energy for the future.

        Although nuclear fission is the primary provider of nuclear energy, nuclear fusion would be a much better option. First of all, cold nuclear fusion is cleaner and produces little to no radiation while nuclear fission could pollute air and water. Second, nuclear fusion produces a lot more energy than any other source of creating energy. The sun and other stars in outer space generate energy through the process of fusion, and it is easy to see that massive amounts of energy are produced. Third, there is more than enough products of fusion to provide the world energy for hundreds of millions of years, and it is available whenever it is needed.

The main reason as to why nuclear fusion is not used to create energy is because an intense amount of pressure is required to cause the reaction to occur. Because of this reason, some people may prefer to stay with using nuclear fission, or even fossil fuels since they are easier to use to generate energy. However, there are more problems caused with using these forms of energy providers. Fission is better than using fossil fuels because it is cleaner, but radiation can still be emitted. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources, meaning that they would take millions of years to reform. Not only does this form a problem, but fossil fuels release carbon into the air, causing pollution and global warming.

In conclusion, research for nuclear fusion is clearly the best way to spend a given 10 billion dollars. Fusion could generate massive amounts of energy compared to fission and fossil fuel use. Nuclear fusion is also much more clean and environmental friendly. This way of generating energy is also much more efficient since the resources are always available on demand. Nuclear fusion is the future of generating energy for the world.

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