My Attitude to Nuclear Power Isses

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 As a voting citizen of Solutionville i opposed to our town building a nuclear power plant due to the fact that this project will take a long period of time to actually build. Also in order to build a plant like this you need money and i highly disagree that our town spends billions of dollar invested into something that can cause great damage to our community and well-being. Nuclear power plants can be a serious danger to our town in the wrong hands. My final reason on why nuclear power plants are not a great idea for our town is that it is not a renewable source.

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“My Attitude to Nuclear Power Isses”

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  Before i get into the facts about nuclear power plants i want to address what exactly is nuclear power. Nuclear energy is basically the splitting of an atom and since the atom is being split it gives off energy. Fission is the splitting of an unstable isotope when a neutron interacts with it causing it to break apart. On the other hand, fusion is the bonding of 2 light isotopes coming together to create a new heavier nuclei and since their bonding they will give off a great amount of energy. There are 430 nuclear plants in the whole world. Also there has been 2 major accidents due to nuclear power plants, these accidents happened during 1979,1986, and 2011. Also the United States has produced the most amount of nuclear energy than any other country.

Nuclear energy has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages as well. These plants do not produce carbon dioxide on its own which of course helps our environment. That does to change the fact that nuclear energy does not give it off when it is creating the energy but lets not forget carbon dioxide is being created because of all the activities that help run the nuclear plant. Nuclear power plants may give off not that high radiation but that still does not make it any better. A disadvantage low radiation has is that it affects the environment. Not to mention the fact that nuclear power plants have radioactive waste. This waste may end Solutionville for a long, long period of time. Although there is a way to prevent radioactive waste from being exposed to us is by storing it underground. This is a solution although it is not something we can rely on to take care of that problem.

In addition i will like to add that since nuclear power plants do not create that much carbon dioxide it does not cause that much damage to the human body. In other to agree or disagree with if nuclear power plants are needed in Solutionville, you have to understand what exactly is carbon dioxide and its advantages and disadvantages. Carbon dioxide is a gas that we as humans also produce when we breathe out, it is a big factor in cellular respiration. We as humans give it off and plants take it in and they produce clean oxygen for us to breathe in. It is a give and get situation. Despite carbon dioxide being a big factor in our own bodies too much can cause damage to our body. Carbon dioxide may not be poisonous but breathing in this gas for a long period of time cuts off the ability to breathe in oxygen.

Carbon dioxide does not just affect our human bodies it also affect our agriculture, our oceans which cover 71% of our world. Factories all around the world are constantly creating carbon dioxide, and adding a nuclear power plant will not make it better, it is just adding to the amount of gas there is already. May I add that Solutionville`s people may be at risk here. Building a nuclear power plant may expose the public to serious health issues. Sure, nuclear power plants may not give off a large amount of radiation but that is all it takes to expose us, the citizens of Solutionville. Having low radiation being constantly exposed to us damages our DNA, and puts adults and children that live around nuclear power plants  in danger of conceiving  cancer.

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