Requirements for Building a Good Career

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Interests and Requirements. The nature of this job that interests me the most is that it allows students an outlet to express themselves. High school can be a rough time for some students, and if they are anything like me art can be one of the few things they actually enjoy about school. The teachers that I had influenced me to be an art teacher, because they were some of the most understanding and open-minded people I had ever met.

They listened to what I had to say and the problems that I was struggling with, and the assignments they gave in class were actually enjoyable and fun. In order to become a teacher of any sort, one must have a bachelor’s degree in a subject that is teachable in schools. However, there is always the option to enroll in a bachelor’s program in education and have a minor in whatever it is you wish to teach as well. Along with having a bachelor’s degree, it is required to earn a teaching license that enables you to teach at public schools. Divisions and Outlooks In order to achieve a position as an art teacher, a degree in education would be required, as well as a minor in art so that the subject material is familiarized. (Other potential routes have also been mentioned, but this is the most popular route when one enters their field with the intention of being a teacher.) A plethora of courses would be tackled in order to achieve this, many being fairly advanced. A couple of examples would be Instructional Tech Strategies and Teaching in a Pluralistic Society.

While classes of this level of specification may seem pointless to some, it’s for that very reason that they’re necessary — this is what draws the line between any average individual and one with a professional degree. With knowledge towards instructional tech strategies, those pursuing educational degrees with be capable of comprehending the ever-changing methods that teachers employ as time progresses. Likewise, an understanding of teaching in a pluralistic society promotes teaching methods that involve all walks of life for all types of people, engaging those that are being taught in whatever manner necessary so that they might be capable of properly absorbing the information. Now, with the education necessary to become an art teacher being so specific, occupational outlooks may seem slim.

This isn’t necessarily the case though. In reality, a variety of position are available. This shown in the book 12 Steps to a New Career by C.J. Wellenstein when he states “At some point in your career, you’ll need to determine whether to change your function or field”. With the educational degree, one can always take any form of administrative, substitute, or aide position, even without the art specification. Likewise, the positions available broaden even further once one takes into consideration the fact that the positions of broaden with the expanse of grades of K-12. As far as career growth is concerned. One can either pursue a position as a professor. Being one of the most sought-after positions amongst professionals. Or a higher administrative position with the schooling system.

The position as a professor is more sought after due to the allure of a pay raise. Testing one’s own intelligence, and educating those that are truly impassioned with the studies of art themselves. Professional Issue and Association An issue that’s currently presiding over the field of education. Whether dealing with art or any other subject, is the decline of the student-to-teacher ratio. This decline calls for a higher demand of teachers (OOH pg. 290).

While this issue adds strain to the educational system, it also has its strengths. Alongside progressive internal development over the years, advancement from external stances has been sought as well. An example would be the presence of the Association of American Educators. This association makes an active effort to unify teachers and promote collaboration and development within the nation, providing scholarships, useful resources, and benefits to members.

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