How to Build a Successful Career as a Pharmacist?

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I’ve been extremely interested in the helping people through medicine for as long as I can remember. Because of this, I’ve always known that I want to have a career in the medical field. As I grew and learned more about the field, I quickly realized that some of the careers in it wouldn’t be a good fit for me as I become nauseous when in contact with large amounts of blood. Furthermore, I decided a career as an X-ray tech wouldn’t fit well either as cracked bones make me cringe. However, I discovered early on that I love chemistry. That love blossomed with the help of a wonderful high school chemistry teacher during who’s teaching I found very effective; it’s a difficult subject but I’ve always looked at it as a challenge, almost like a puzzle that I’m eager to solve. Once I found my passion for chemistry, I knew whatever path I decided to pursue had to be heavily involved with it. When I put my loves of medicine and chemistry together, I landed on pharmacist as my career of choice; a career that would inspire joy, fulfillment, and a sense of humanitarianism in me.

As mentioned previously, my primary long-term goal is to become a pharmacist and having the opportunity to work towards receiving my doctorate in pharmacy is the next step in reaching that goal. I recently applied for a job as a pharmacy tech and I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to become more hands on and learn the “ins-and-outs” of the career itself. I believe one of the things I will enjoy most about this experience as a pharmacy tech, upon receiving the opportunity, is the environment. Past experiences in pharmacies has led me to believe they’re a very friendly and clean environment. All things considered, I believe that being a pharmacist is the right career for me and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds as I pursue it.

Growing up with both parents in the military, change is normal for me. After living in five different cities and two different countries, I realized that learning to adapt was my only choice. I find myself extremely thankful for all those moves, even if that wasn’t the case at the time. I believe growing up in various cultures and environments has provided me with the ability to navigate diverse environments, relationships, and circumstances; I feel confident these skills will contribute to future success in my career path. For example, I lived in Germany for five years and found the language barrier to be a difficult obstacle. It made me feel timid and unsure about how I was going to create a life in surroundings that were far different than what I was used to. Now looking back, I realized my ability to make friends and form bonds in a team environment had carried me through that change in my life and ultimately made Germany like a second home.

Another obstacle I learned to conquer was my diverse education as I had moved between nine schools. This was a challenge because each school had its own teaching method and concepts across all subjects. My experience while in Germany was the most unique. The educational system there is a lot more hands on, rather than the lecture style I feel is predominant here in America. The teachers did their best to take advantage of the resources the country made available to them. For instance, we were always visiting historical sites to enhance the learning experience. As I mentioned earlier, I am thankful for these kinds of circumstances that required critical thinking, flexibility, and teamwork skills to properly adjust to. Furthermore, I tried to register in dual-enrollment courses as often as possible, despite the ever-changing circumstances, to get a head start on my college career. I realized early on that focus and determination in high school would lead to a path of success afterwards and I couldn’t let the challenges I faced get the best of me.

After graduating high school, I began my college career at Tennessee Tech University, but I made the decision to transfer to Middle Tennessee State University as I found it in my best interests to be close to home for as long as I could. The move to MTSU worked out better than I could have anticipated as it has been a great fit for both me and my family. From the University itself to the great professors I have had, the past few years could not have gone any smoother. I am looking forward to concluding my time here at MTSU and entering the next phase of my educational career soon.

While studying at MTSU, I was given the opportunity to work with Epic Nail where I found myself interacting with people in many different social classes as I had before in my moves. This experience only furthered my ability to interact and construct bonds with different kinds of people – some of those connections I still maintain today. Among other skills, I learned how to be efficient with money, keep a clean environment, as well as staying self-motivated to ensure that everything was put in place, stocked, and appointments were made. The ability to utilize time management to ensure all daily tasks of the job were completed is one I took a great deal of pride in. By being there and ensuring I was performing at peak potential, I created more time for the coworkers to concentrate on the specific projects they had to do instead of worrying them about what needed to be done or if will it be done.

As I prepare for this next phase of both my life and my educational career, I am realizing how much hard work has gone into where I currently find myself. I realize the long nights I have turned in over the years are far from over, and that is a challenge I readily accept. I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this new journey regardless of where it may lead. 

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