Physical Education and School Requirements

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Physical education is the instructional way of learning physical exercises and games throughout your school life. Many people ask if physical education is a good idea each year for students of every age and grade level. Many people think that physical education is a great idea to help us keep on track with fitness levels and activeness. Physical education classes are provided in high schools and middle schools all around the world, but some only require one year of physical education to graduate instead of the whole middle school and high school experience. Physical education teaches students healthy habits and keeps them active in many ways. Physical education courses should be required for every year of high school. Physical education focuses on fitness purposes; these types of classes help kids develop skills and confidence; it helps kids to learn about personal health and wellness, teaches self-discipline and demonstrates positive social skills with others. Four years of physical education helps to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle by getting out, sweating, and keeping yourself hydrated by doing so. Middle school and high school students need at least on average of sixty minutes of physical activity. School is a great way and place to be active in some type of physical manner. However, some schools only require one year of physical education for graduation credit. In order to fit more academic classes into the studentr's school schedule, physical education courses are often pushed aside. Physical activity improves health and wellness in a personr's lifestyle. You can even be active and work out and get in shape at any age you want and most people learn that from growing up playing or doing some sort of exercises at school. A third of children in the United States are obese or have diabetes and are at risk of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and relatively high cholesterol because they are not taking care of themselves and keeping track of their physical activity. Some schools do consider participation in some sports programs as credit instead of taking physical education classes. These athletes put in much time and energy to promote a healthy lifestyle and they should receive credit for doing so. The main reasoning behind extra curriculum is to develop the knowledge and understanding, social skills, capabilities, and attributes necessary for mental, emotional, active lifestyles, and well-being now and later in the future. Everyone strives to make themselves who they are and want to be. Being healthy and active or being around people who are, can influence you into a positive and healthy lifestyle. People empower themselves by setting and working toward realistic individual goals. A person who participates in a motivating and nurturing environment resulting in a greater sense of well-being and self-esteem lean toward lifestyles that are meant for everyone to have; you learn patience and skills throughout those processes. It is not entirely clear why active students perform better, but some speculate that increased oxygen flow to the brain stimulates learning. Others argue that exercise helps students burn off excess energy, so they can focus better in class and have more energy throughout the day. Scientists will continue to explore the why, but the what is now settled. Exercise boosts academic achievement. Physical education helps to teach teenagers good, healthy behavior skills. Four years of physical education helps teenagers to learn and develop important skills such as leadership and empathy. Researchers have found that the teenagers participating in at least an hour of exercise on a weekly basis are more than likely to demonstrate positive benefits in not only leadership but show more happiness and confidence with themselves. In conclusion, physical education is a great way for students to have and live a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercise reach far more than just our physical well-being. For many teenagers, school is the only place to receive proper exercise training. This is another reason why schools should require physical education for all four years. Physical activity is so important for young minds and bodies. The mental and physical well being of our society weighs heavily in promoting healthy, active lifestyles. Exercise can add years to our lives.
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