Replace Fear of the Unknown with Curiosity, Don’t be Afraid of Failing

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The difference between fear and curiosity is that one often disables us and the other enables. The replacement of fear with interest often opens us up to and abundance possibility. We should strive to not let fear control our lives but to be straightforward with enthusiasm, pushing our limits, coming out of our standard choice of comfort, and enduring what life has set before us. On the other hand, in the midst of disappointment we should not accept defeat. It shows us that each time we may tumble down, the more important factor is getting up. We continue to strive in light of the fact that there are numerous things that are valid and critical in our lives.

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“Replace Fear of the Unknown with Curiosity, Don’t be Afraid of Failing”

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We continue to move forward on our journey because there are many more reasons to live and take on our adventures, than to abandon them because we are unconfident of the outcome. We are unsure because we are afraid of the unpredictable and not knowing what the future holds, but do know that we can not always hide away and be afraid. We all make mistakes that being because we are humans and are vulnerable, but falling down should not be a reason to yield to failure. Paths do not go backwards, or sideways from where we are in life because that is not the way life is meant to be lived.

This quotes so perfectly relates to me because I feel that on more than many occasions I do not replace fear of the unknown with curiosity, but the time I did was worth it. I would consider myself to be a fairly athletic person. But my fears led me to believe differently in 2012, my 6th grade year. I am the youngest of four children, all of whom play different sports. The one sport all of my older siblings had in common was track. So when the opportunity presented itself to me I was more than ready to take it, so I thought. As the tryout days approached I began to doubt myself. As my turn to run finally came I had only allowed myself one choice, that choice being to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity and to not be afraid of failing. I was pleased to see my name on the list for the Richards Middle School track team.

Of course this quote can relate to more than just sports it can relate to little things or big things. I think this quote should be applied to the everyday lives of us as individuals. We could often find ourselves cowering away from something that could potentially be good for us. We must make it our mission to open doors that may hold endless opportunities because at the end of it all, when everything is over, we reflect the very reasons why we’re afraid of failing and that is because we’ve accepted defeat extremely ahead of schedule in the adventure.

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