Fear of being Mentally Ill

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Mental Illness have been major problems for decades, a lot of people dealt with fear and denial when it comes to mental health. Fear of being judge by family members, cultures diversity, or friends. The fear of not being able to function well at work. The fear of being rejected by others or seen by other differently. Even our children are dealing with mental health problems and parents sometimes ignored the gap of the situation because of societies thought and being criticized. Facing mental health issues ahead of time is the best decision anyone can do, because there are many ways to cope with mental health and there are ways to be better living with mental health. A lot of people are not aware of the programs available for them out there so they can seek help and that’s what in my opinion the school system should encourage learning about avenues of mental illness even with our students. Because a lot of time there is someone that is being faced with something they can seem to understand and their way of dealing is to self-medicate. Then we asked ourselves how do we as human beings in a community help others become more aware of the mental illness that surrounds us.

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“Fear of being Mentally Ill”

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For example, my sister has been dealing with depression for a year and she could not function at work, it was a devastated situation for the family, but now she is seeking counseling, we have some difficulties, but she is happier now and she know how to cope with her illness. There are so many effects in mental health illness. The loss of self, freedom, and all their life opportunities. The negative impact that mental illness has brought into many communities, that is being caused by the lack of education, and sometimes by fear of being judged by family and friends. Culture diverse plays a big role when it comes to having a clear view to why most do not seek for mental illness help. First, they already don’t believe that it exists. Knowing a culture is very significant, for everyone brings a different point of view or taste to the subject based on his or her cultural background. In some aspect, a culture triggers culture-bound syndromes meaning that culture could be whether that person even look for any help to begin with, what type of help they are looking for, how they cope with the issue, if they even have any social support or how the culture feel about mental illness.

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