Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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Quote One: I wish you wouldn’t go Sir like that… not with the question mark at the end of it. You know? Sir? I know its meant to be a sign of respect for your (Winces) elders.(Albee 36).

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“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”

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The quotes fits the novel because it helps you understand the fact that these adults act like children. It also shows George would rather be a younger man.

I picked this because George needs his father in law for his check to help him survive like kids need fathers. So George not accepting his age age alludes to his child like reliance on his father in law.

Quote Two: Sure.I married her because she was pregnant.(Albee 104).

This quote shows many similarities between the two couples. It shows that both couples try to hide their secrets.

This brings up questions like was the author trying to show that Nick and Honey were soon to end up like Martha and George. The couples even act similar in their reactions to there secrets being revealed Honey and George act shocked and Martha and Nick act similar.

Quote Three: If you respect your position here, young man, young whippersnapper, you’ll just withdraw that manuscript.(Albee 151).

This fits into the novel because it mentions the sole provider for Martha and George Martha’s father. This gives you characterization for an important but very missing character in the book.

This sticks out to me because it reveals what kind of person the character referred to as Daddy really is. It stuck out to me as because Daddy is very condescending, threatening, and doesn’t worry about feelings which demonstrates like father like daughter.

Quote Four: I’ve got it! I’ll tell you what game we’ll play. We’re done with Humiliate the Host this round , anyway…we’re done with that…and we don’t want to play Hump the Hostess, yet…not yet…so I know what we’ll play . We’ll play a round of Get the Guests. How about that? How about a little game of Gets the Guests? (Albee 156).

This not only shows how twisted they are but how much empathy they lack. The novel itself is full of sick jokes and games some that are ongoing through the entire book.

This really lets me know how much they have no awareness of for how much they could in reality hurt somebody because they think it’s just a game. It explains their twisted reality they don’t know how crazy it is because they cover it up with fun and games.

Quote Five: You Know The Rules , Martha! For Christ’s Sake, You know the rules!!(Albee 249).

This fits the novel because the novel is a competition between Martha and George about who can reveal more secrets about the other. This competition is about one of the largest secrets in the books therefore fitting the plot.
I selected this because this situation raises an issue with the longest on going lie. This very much leads to the reveal of the biggest secret in the book and leads to Martha loses their game which is very important.

Quote Six: At the west , encumbered by crippling alliances , and burdened with morality too rigid to accommodate itself to the swing of events,must…eventually…fall.(Albee 191).

This fits the novel because it shows how George is really into history. Also how they never view morals over competition.

This jumped out at me because it represents the title of the act Walpurgisnacht. It is May 1st the day witches come and cause havoc which is like the quote because the swing of events must fall because George caused havoc.

Quote Of Book: G: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf .M: I…am…George I…am (Albee 257)

This Quote develops the meaning representing the competition that has been set since the beginning. This quote is also revealing the end of the competition and the winner.I selected this because it is the only time in the book that question gets an answer. The song means whos afraid of living without false allusions. Martha loses because the allusion of her son being a figment comes out. Martha had one fault the fact that she loved her son when George had the right to kill him after she broke the rules. Martha couldn’t live without the false allusion of him causing her to loose. I picked as the most important because this ends the arguments and the book.

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