Tomb of Unknown

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Tomb of the Unknowns The Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery is a monument dedicated to American soldiers who have given their life in battle, only to be unidentifiable. Many people recognize the name, “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”, but that is not the official name. It as a tool of closure for families whose loved ones paid the ultimate price for their country and whose bodies were not recovered or not recognizable. Bodies from every major conflict that America has been involved with, beginning with World War I, are buried in this homage to our unknown troops.

The construction of this monument symbolized an emotion of not only what was lost, but what has also survived. It inspires tribute to our soldiers that have perished fighting to protect and serve their fellow countryman. This tomb recognizes that although the brave members of our armed services may die in battle, that we appreciate and will never forget the sacrifice that they have given for the rest of us. In order for this monument to be relevant to future generations, I believe that we can never forget the human tragedy of war.

War is brutal and hideous, yet at the same time necessary from time to time for the survival of the innocent. As time passes, history will repeat itself and war will occur. With the scientific and medical advancements that have been made, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that soldiers’ remains will be unidentifiable. At the same time the same advancements in science and increasingly devastating weapons increase the possibility that soldiers could very well be unidentifiable.

It is important that in the event that a body is not able to be identified, that we do have a representative from each war where this happens buried at this tomb. People remember and pass down significant happenings in their lives; very rarely do individuals share important history with the younger generation. For this monument to have meaning to future generations and centuries, it is important for the President to be present on Memorial and Veterans Days. With a Presidential appearance twice a year, it is certain that the majority of people will be unable to forget and appreciate this monument and what it symbolizes.

The habits, not just of a single President, but of the Presidential Office do not go unnoticed and forgotten. Our leader’s actions are always in the public eye and his show of respect would set an example for the rest of the nation to follow. I also believe that everyone should visit this somber reminder that life is indeed fragile. It is sometimes a hard concept to grasp until you have seen the respect and honor that the guards of this tomb have for their fallen brethren. There are not many changes that I deem necessary for this monument.

I believe that the cracks that have formed in the marble do need to be fixed. It makes the ground somewhat uneven and could eventually go all the way through the marble causing permanent damage. A damaged and broken monument does not serve the purpose that it was originally constructed for. It is also disrespectful to the unknown soldiers and the families of the unknown. I also believe that it needs to be more recognizable to citizens of this country. It is debatable that a large percentage of our population does not know of this monument.

Name and Location of Monument: Tomb of Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery Name 3 aspects of culture or three ideals it symbolized at the time it was placed: Remembrance of men that gave their life for our country Outpouring of emotion, not only for what was lost, but for what has survived Inspires gratitude Name 3 major cultural features that will need to be addressed in this monument to make it relevant in the 22nd century: Human tragedy of war

Future unidentifiable bodies buried there Information passed down to future generations What ideal, theme, or symbol I think the monument would need to encompass in order to have meaning for the people of the 22nd century: Presidential attendance on Memorial and Veterans Days Witness changing of the guard What 2 or 3 primary changes would my re-envisioned monument incorporate? Properly fix cracks formed in marble Make it more known to the citizens of this country

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