Quiet Professionalism

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As we reach the end of the year, I believe it is always a worthwhile endeavor to reflect on the goals you have accomplished, what you hope to achieve in the coming year, and the associated action steps that will help you realize those items. Similarly, I also believe it is important to reflect upon day-to-day behaviors, and how repeated excellence in small, seemingly trivial matters, lay the foundation upon which the large structures of personal integrity, calmness under pressure, and quiet professionalism are built.

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“Quiet Professionalism”

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The work we do is challenging, and complex. The groups we interact with, both internal and external, are numerous and diverse. The visibility of our team is high, and subject to intense levels of scrutiny. We are an impassioned group of individuals that through shared trials, often by fire, are brought together as a cohesive unit. It is this conglomeration of conditions that often times make dealing with others who do not understand our challenges nor understand our passions, and talents the subject of frustration. I urge you to channel these frustrations in a constructive manner.

When dealing with external partners, counterparties, regulators, and senior leadership, exercise patience when working with those who do not understand the depths and complexity of our charge. Profanity is not professional, nor constructive. Flared tempers are not professional, and damage credibility. Condescension is not professional, and a direct affront to a culture of shared success.

There can be no question that at times I am among, if not the largest offender of these items. You are owed better from me as a leader, and are deserving of someone that can help showcase your talents, which are exceptional. You have my word that I will strive for personal excellence in this endeavor.

In the coming days, Resource Management leadership will begin the alignment and ranking process. It is my commitment to all of you that I will enter the process on your behalf with tenacity personified through quiet professionalism. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, help arm me with arrows of your own quiet professionalism.

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