Autism the Quiet Disorder

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Which is the face if autism? (point to the poster, wait a minute then go get Doug from hallway) this is the face of autism. In 2018 the autism speaks foundation found that “1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism, 1 in 37 for boys and 1 in 151 for girls”. This means that one autism affects more boys than girls and that at least one kid is diagnosed every year and their life and their family’s life changes forever. When someone thinks of autism they think stupid, retarded, handicapped, not normal. All these things are myths while there are some kids lower on the spectrum they are not stupid, retarded, handicapped, or not normal; these kids are the same as you and me yet people still treat them differently. If someone didn’t say that this person had autism no one would have ever known because the only difference between them and you is their brain is a little behind in development but they are so smart and creative and think of stuff you would never dream of.

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“Autism the Quiet Disorder”

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When someone is diagnosed with autism it’s not like cancer where you can treat it and fix the problem; autism is not a problem to be fixed nor should it be treated like one. Autism is not a one-man fight, no it affects everyone in their life from their mom that is stress trying to do the best for their child to the siblings that all they want to do is protect them and do everything they can for them. When I started in sixth grade it was the first time I wasn’t going to be in the same school as Douglas and I remember that year starting and being so nervous for him because all I wanted to do was be there for him and protect him but now it felt like I was leaving him to the predators for them to eat him alive. I remember that year going on and on and by the end of the year I realize Douglas didn’t need me to always be there; he needed me to be there for the tuff times, the times’ homework is too hard when he needs help cause he doesn’t understand something. That year was the most eye-opening school year for me and at that moment I understood that there is no problem that needs to be fixed by a doctor; Douglas was amazing the way he was. See that’s what people don’t understand they think autistic people need to fix because they aren’t good enough but that isn’t the case. Every day at least one person makes fun of autism saying that if you have a dumb moment you must be autistic but that isn’t the case. From now on understand no matter where a person is on the spectrum they are perfect the way they are, they are no different than all of us in this room and that making fun of autism doesn’t matter someone cooler or funnier it just makes a person ignorant for not caring.

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