What is Professionalism

Professionalism is the way a person acts or conducts themselves in a place of structure, such as a workplace, school, or place of business. Professionalism is not subjected to a specific set of people but is a standard for everyone in an outfitted environment. Professionalism represented by any individual who shows consideration, and respect in the outfitted environment. Individuals should portray traits of professionalism, such as punctuality, trustworthiness, being competent, accountable, and having the ability to carry out tasks in the most respectful manner for anyone involved.

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“What is Professionalism”

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Professionalism to me is how a person in a place of work, structure or place of business conducts themselves. When I think of a professional I think of a person who is the best at whatever job title or description that person carries. That person exemplifies their professionalism with a set of traits that make that person stand out amongst its peers. Examples of those traits are punctuality, trustworthiness, respect, accountability, competency, and self-awareness. I will further those examples below.

Professionalism can be shown in multiple ways. A common trait of professionalism is punctuality. Punctuality is important because it shows that a person is dedicated to being in place and ready to be productive and on time. Punctuality is the ability to be able to complete a task or complete a responsibility at a set time. This, in turn, shows that the individual has respect for the job at hand and the time it takes to complete the job. Punctuality also shows that the person has made a task a priority, and has made the necessary sacrifices to be present and ready to carry out performance duties.

Another form of professionalism is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is the ability to be relied upon to carry out and perform a task. Being trustworthy shows the that the person is truth-telling and upfront. A trustworthy person is known to be a person that carries out a task without being told, supervised, or reminded. A person of trustworthiness also carries out and acts on responsibilities in an exceptional and satisfying manner to all persons involved.

Respect for others is also a form of professionalism. Showing consideration, demonstrating loyalty, and exceeding expectations demonstrate professionalism. Having a person’s respect goes a long way by acquiring high regards from a person and having someone believe that you are worthy of their praise. Respect in professionalism brings a comfort level between all involved and shows that all involved have created a great and functioning environment.

Accountability when something is wrong, and the mindset to take it upon oneself to make the situation better is also a form of professionalism. Being accountable is a major trait of professionalism. One’s accountability is welcomed in professionalism for a workplace, school, and in life because it creates a sense of ease and helps promote a safety measure and a sense of security for everyone involved. Accountability comes as a link that increases commitment to who and what is represented in an enclosed environment.

Competency is another trait of professionalism. Being competent is a way to show the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities well enough to meet a standard. Showing competency acts as a way for one to show that the task at hand is not overwhelming and can be managed. Competency in professionalism shows a combination of education and experience for a standard or status being reached and carried out as rules and regulations show.

Self-Awareness is the ability to recognize your emotions and know personal strengths and weaknesses. In order to become self-aware, one must understand emotions, thoughts, and feelings pertaining to and knowing one self’s limitations. In professionalism, self-awareness teaches and sets a foundation of personal growth, the ability to understand and recognize emotions, and knowing how to control them. In my experience of self-awareness in the workplace, knowing my true limitations, flaws and weaknesses have kept me from making a career plunge. I knew that myself make-up and knowledge of self-saved me from the embarrassment of not reaching a job title or description because I knew I wasn’t qualified for the position or didn’t have the proper tools to carry out the job description in a respectable way. In conclusion, self-awareness is a measure of emotional intelligence that helps you stop reacting to circumstances emotionally and lets you choose to react rationally and with logic.

In conclusion, in order to succeed and move ahead in a place of structure, such as a workplace school, or place of business, professionalism is needed to be portrayed. Professionalism, in turn, means to conduct oneself with punctuality, trustworthiness, respectfulness, accountability and being competent, while being a person of high expectation and responsibility, and also being a person of excellence and great productivity. High quality work standards, behavior, and effectiveness are a part of professionalism and what is expected to come with it. Whether in the work industry, school, or place of structure professionalism will stick out. A professional individual will be visible from others due to the aforementioned qualities and how they carry and present themselves as opposed to their colleagues. A professional strives to be the best and demonstrates separating characteristics to be noticed by the others. Professionalism is maintained by reflecting a strong image, building strong relationships, having recognizable quality traits and overall being a standup and stand out person.

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