Concepts of Professionalism

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Professional, this is a term used to describe a person's behavior when it exhibits some form of etiquette. This concept of professionalism is important for those in the workforce.

In order for an employee to be professional they must look the part. By dressing in appropriate clothing the employee my exhibit a more approachable and trustworthy character to clients or patients. Appropriate attire is especially important in a work facility where personal protective gear is required. By wearing the right gear it ensures the protection for both the employee and the patient. Policies on work attire vary from facility to facility but must be followed regardless. Personal protective equipment are given by facility so there is little to no excuse to not wear them.

Hygiene is also a key concept in maintaining a professional appearance. Body odor should be maintained to a minimal, this can be archived by bathing frequently or applying things like deodorant to eliminate and odor that may cause discomfort to patient. An employee must keep in mind those around them. What certain smells may seem pleasant, to other the smell may irritate and even bother them. However it is understandable that all smells can not be avoided, due to the fact that some of the deodorant products come with an integrated scent.

The manner in which an employee addresses a patient may vary from the way he or she may address a fellow coworker. It is important for those who are speaking to patient directly, talk in a manner in which a patient may understand what is being instructed. Health literacy page 39 in book is Health literacy is an important concept in informed consent. This is the patient's ability to understand certain medical terminology used in the media and in educational (Fuller, 2013). When speaking to the patient the employee must always keep in mind how they might feel, whether is sad, or angry the employee should know what to do.

However when speaking to a coworker it is good to use the proper terms so no miscommunication may occur according the fuller's surgical Technology: principles and practice, poor communication results in poor patient care, errors, conflicts, and stress. Communication amongst employees is an important concept, there are five elements into communicating properly these include a sender, receiver, the message, feedback, and the method/type of communication being used. To be able to communicate properly, the employee must learn how to also listen properly as well. Active listening shows the patient that one as a professional cares and understands in someway where they are coming from.

For an employee to demonstrate high levels of professionalism he or she must be able to handle stressful situations in a appropriate manner. For example when attending to a patient whose religious beliefs cause a cultural conflict between the procedure and their beliefs.

Sometimes when attending to a patient their religious beliefs affect the manner in which the procedure in going to happen. Surgical technologists must be able to handle difficult situations in which they do not feel the best or most comfortable in. There are certain procedure that a surgical technologist will learn to acquirer when working in the medical field. Many of the patients have pleasant experiences when the care giver displays these manners in which they attend them.

An important concept in handling situations is respect. Respect is important in professionalism, it shows multiple positive attributes. An employee should always keep in mind respect towards the patient, weather if it towards their religion or the current situation they find them selves in. Physical exposure is a common fear mounts patients. Therefore maintaining at all times the patients dignity may help ease the process. Also further adds on the the employees respectful attributes. When having the proper attitude towards other the surgical technologist must understand that not al will accept the motive of the actions. Never allow for malpractice to occur when present in a surgery this important to professionalism because only an irresponsible being would allow these types of mistakes to occur.

Integrity is a highly recommendable attribute to have when working as a healthcare provider. Integrity is the ability of up holding morals in which honesty and loyalty is the center of it. When working s a surgical technologist having integrity is also known as having a surgical conscious. Surgical conscious is maintain heater others are present or not. They should not be ignored at any time in order to protect the patients under going a procedure. The Integrity of a surgical technologist must up hold vales that are decent to display to the public.

An employee should know his position, this means understanding one's role and limitations in the work environment. By an employee should focus on his or her duties, this helps them improve their skills. The more improvement present the less chance of an error occurring on a patient or in general. Role confusion is an omission that arises in care facilities when the employee oversteps on others job tasks they should not be doing this in the first place. Although there will be times when the employee will be asked to do a task that he or she is not qualified to do so. The correct way to handle this situation is to politely remind the delegator what you specified duties are, these should be given to the employee at the start of his or her employment.

Punctuality is important because the the patient is should need to feel important. Having a set time function helps guide the employee for future purposes. The way the employee can better his or her punctuality is by setting alarms as to when or where they re being needed. This characteristic can very depending on the situation. Being late never looks good and is not accepted in most work environments. Punctuality is needed in the medical field, they are needed to work in specific rooms.

At the end of the day demonstrating professionalism is important to show not only for surgical technologist but for the other types of employees in different careers. Professionalism is an excellent characteristic to maintain. It displays great attributes that people look for when entrusting others. Patients look for safety when going to others for help, by disrespecting them with the lack of professionalism. Workers in general should normally have all of the abilities shown for attending the patients or customers. In some way the Patient is a type of customer, they a can choose where they take their business depending on how well of the treatment they receive.

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