Plagiarism, Citation, Anonymity and Professionalism

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Plagiarism is nothing but copying someone's idea, article or work without giving him any credit. The work is said to be plagiarized if it is not cited. Citation is an important part if we use someone's idea, article or work it must be cited properly. Anonymity is hiding someone's name who has contributed to that research. It can be done purposely or knowingly. Professionalism is the work ethics that we follow while doing any work, it may be doing any research work or any job.

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Plagiarism is copying someone's writing, ideas or words and presenting it as our own idea or work. It also means copying someone's work without proper citation. Citation is giving credit to the original author by stating his name under the information which we have copied from his report. Anonymity can be said as hiding someone's name, whose idea or work is has been copied. Professionalism is including the ideas by using certain principals while maintaining the standards of profession.


Plagiarism means copying or stealing of others' ideas or writing. It means, copying same texts from someone's writing without appropriate citation. Some people are very smart to plagiarize without leaving any fingerprint. Sometimes plagiarisms are caught and sometimes not. A good example of plagiarism is when it was said that Edison stole Tesla's work, the greatest inventions of the history were stolen from someone. It was said that Tesla was working under Edison during the invention of DC (Direct Current). During that period Tesla invented many small inventions and Edison would patient the invention under his name without giving any credit or compensation to tesla. Due to this Tesla left the company and joined other company and working there he invented AC (Alternating Current) which is now used worldwide.

Figure 1 Tesla and Edison Source (Sciencestruck)


Citation in means "Reference" that is, if you have taken note or copied something from someone's paper or article, then you should always put a reference to the original article in your writing. It includes a literature survey which is normally discussed in the introduction part of the article. While you can discuss the idea of cited article (be it book chapter, research paper, article, or even website) in your language as to what you understood from it, or even you may cite the results achieved by them, but coping the exact wording, and using the exact idea would be termed as plagiarism. Here is a good example of citation. Which shows how citation should be done properly in different conditions

Figure 2 citation Source (Google)


It can be said that copying or using someone's work and doing citation of his work but without exposing his name or by using his pet name. it can happen in two cases if the person himself doesn't want to express his name or the person who has copied the work doesn't want to give credit to that person.


Professionalism is behaving and presenting oneself in professional standards. It can also be said as the honesty, responsibility, and courtesy while dealing with any individuals. It can be divided in two different parts as, firstly the clothes that we wear, the way that we talk and secondly the knowledge and efforts that we rake while doing that job.


Plagiarism should not be done. If you want to use someone's work you should provide proper citation. Proper citation gives credit to the original writer. Anonymity should not be done. Proper credit should be given to that person. Professionalism should be practiced during doing any work.


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