Professionalism – Individual’s Performance and Manners in a Society

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It is made up of many different traits and characteristics. Professionalism can be defined by an individual's imagine, competency, respect for others, communication, and ethics. When an individual's wants to present themselves as a professional and wants to be taken seriously, they present themselves high quality and there poster and gestures matter. Also being reliable and accountable can help build the trust between the people and who the individual interacts with. Another good trait in a professional is having good communication skills and being able to communicate verbal, oral, and written. Finally, having good work ethics is one of the main traits of professionalism. Being able to show determination, dedication and you passion for the work a person does, makes the patients happy, coworkers feeling safe, and supervisors to have someone to rely on and trust. Professionalism, can be made up of many traits but image, accountability, communication and good work ethics are very important to achieve to be viewed as a professional.

A professional personal should have the appropriate imagine and body language to be viewed and respected like a professional. Attire must be clean, neat and meet the code of conduct. Also proper grooming and personal hygiene fall into professional imagine. Image is very important in healthcare environments because it gives the patients a good perspective that if the doctor, nurse, or other medical personal is well taken care of, they are in good hands. Body language also plays a big role in presenting oneself as a professional. Facial expressions, posture and gesture should make the patient feel important, understood and cared for; otherwise, the patient will feel unsafe and fear for the type of care they will be receiving. Therefore, maintaining a professional imagine and having proper body language, is a good trait to achieve as a professional (Joseph, 2018).

Having great communication and organization skills can help make a good professional. Communication can be verbal, oral or written. When communicating, the tone and language matters and can be misunderstood if not clear enough. When an individual needs to do documentation, they must use the right words, tone, grammer, and clear ideas to be viewed as professional and not mistaken negatively. The way a person communicates may bring their respect up in the environment or their reputation can be ruined. Also having good organization skills is needed. If an individual's comes off as messy or unorganized it may show that they are not professional and may not be taken seriously by coworkers, patients and supervisors. Therefore, having great communication skills and organization skills is something a professional must have (Joseph, 2018).

Respect for others is also a great treat for a professional. Being able to treat others with respect, care, dignity, and fairness shows good quality in a person. Show respect to people by choosing the right words to not offend others. Listen to others opinions and be open minded because many times, others may have great ideas and solutions to problems. Also do not gossip or spread rumors because it does not show that an individual is professional but rather shows that a person is negative and views as disrespectful and unprofessional. Lastly, treat everyone fairly. No matter the culture, race, or gender, all people should be treated with respect and fairness. A professional individual does not discriminate or separate people by their culture or race but treats everyone the same with dignity and respect (Martin, 2017).

Accountability and competency are good traits in a professional. When an individual takes accountability for his or hers actions, mistakes, and words shows that they are a respectful professional individual and are capable to get their jobs done. Also being capable to owning up to your own mistakes and apologizing is when trust and respect towards that individual grows from coworkers and patients. Also being reliable and able to get the tasks done with speed and quality is valued in an individual. Those traits are acknowledged and treasured by the higher authority and gives the individual to grow in the company (Joseph, 2018).

A professional may be defined by a person's good work ethics. An individual with good work ethics has great teamwork skills, good discipline, and integrity. Working as a team can not only make a person's job easier but can also be rewarding. Being able to work on a team and achieve goals together can be beneficial to yourself, coworkers and patients. The work can be done faster, more precise and new friends can be met . Having a good sense of discipline means you have great determination to achieve goals for yourself and your patients. The professional with determination and dedication, gives their patients the best care and gives off positive vibes in the work environment. They are their to serve others rather than themselves. Finally, an individual with integrity is viewed as a professional. Being able to do the right thing, and the way a person treats their coworkers and supervisor can reach the leave of respect from their surroundings (Martin, 2017).

In conclusion, professionalism is made up of many components including imagine, accountability, respect for others, communication skills and ethics. The way an individual presents himself or herself can define if they are professional and serious about their job. This can insure the patients that they are in good, professional hands and will be well taken care of. Also being reliable, and accountable shows the patients, coworkers and supervisors that an individual is trustworthy and responsible. In addition, showing respect to others rather than dividing people by their culture or gender shows that that person is professional. Having good work ethics and showing fairness, honesty, and integrity are good traits in a professional individual. To be a professional, there are many characteristics to achieve and it might come naturally to some people while to others with practice.


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