Why Animal Cruelty is Horrible

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Imagine you are being experimented on. Your skin burns, everything hurts and you have no way to stop it or to get help since you can’t speak. Imagine you are being tortured, starved, beaten, and many more unimaginable things by someone who was supposed to care for you and love you. Unfortunately all these things happen to millions of animals each year in the form of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty can be defined as the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death an animal. Animals live, breath and feel like we do, they have beating hearts like we do so what makes us better than them? I am Here today to make you all aware of how horrible and disgusting animal cruelty is and why it has to be stopped. I will be discussing the different types of animal cruelty, animal testing, and why animal cruelty has to be stopped. There are several different types of animal cruelty that many people don’t know about. When someone mentions animal cruelty most people’s minds go to starved animal left out in the cold but that’s just one type of abuse.Other types include things like forcing two animals to fight to the death. Those animals, usually dogs and roosters, die a very painful death and all for the entertainment of those horrible people. Animals are being slaughtered in the most horrible and painful was so that people could eat them. Statistics show that an estimated 12,570 animals are being treated cruelly every day in Australia alone. The statistics also show that a large number of the abusers are men under the age of 30. (Humanesociety.org) A lot of people in society don’t truly realise how serious of a problem animal testing is. Animal testing happens all over the world and some people are just encouraging it by buying products that were tested on animals. Do these people not realise that those animals are suffering on a daily basis due to animal testing. According to DoSomething.org more than 115 million of different species of animals are killed every year from the experiments that are being performed on them in a lab. Why are all these animals being tested on, murdered and yet we still haven’t done anything to ban this forever everywhere? Right now in this very moment there are millions of animals stuffed into tiny cages in labs all around the world, longing to be freed just dreading about the next painful procedure to be done on them. There are many reasons why animals cruelty has to be completely abolished. They can’t speak up for themselves that is why it’s our duty to speak for them and not allow them to be hurt any longer. We talk about equality a lot yet these animals aren’t treated with the equality that everything with a beating heart deserves. Animal cruelty is a horrible, nauseating crime and those people killing animals are really no different from murders. All these points that I have made such as the different types of animal cruelty, why animal testing is terrible, and why animal cruelty should be abolished completely makes you really think about how horrifying animal cruelty is. It makes you think a lot about the horrible lives these animals live while just waiting for their death. Animal cruelty is not something one person can change. It takes so many more people to help these poor defenseless creatures. Animal cruelty MUST be stopped!
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