Animal Cruelty Problem

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Cruelty to animals is commonly known as animal cruelty which is criminally negligent act that causes an animal to suffer pain or bein killed. If left to its own us humans would exploit animals without any regard to moral consideration. Judging by the increasing number of animals, these statutes have had little of the desired impact. Over 9.1 billion land animals are killed in the United States for food each year. For most of them, their lives and deaths occur outside of the lawr’s protection, with little thought given to the well-being of their lifes. In fact, many states specifically exempt farm animals from anti-cruelty statutes. This practice excluding agricultural animals from anti-cruelty protections is not unique to the United States. Rather, it is global, and it is resulting in animals suffering reaches an almost unbelievable amount.

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“Animal Cruelty Problem”

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Diffrent states use diffrent definition to describe the cruelty. Examples of animal cruelty is, harming of any animals or endangerment the animals life is known as animal cruelty. Types of animal cruelty are,not getting your animal medical care when you know they need it, not feeding or watering, over feeding and watering them so that they bloat. Anything that causes harm to any animal can be reported and than you get a court date and they can even take your pets and send you to jail for a long time. Having to many animals in a home that do not have enough room to move is also a form of animal cruelty. Animal fighting is another form. The side effects of animals that have been in an abusive home or life style, have been known to no trust people so easily which makes them harder to find a home to. The animals that have been abused will always have their scars even if you can’t see them. The scientist or the hunters that take the animals from their habitat they destroy the balance of the ecosystem by taking the animals out of their home. Each time we lay our hands on the animals we are abusing them and we are losing their trust and we won’t get that back ever. Animal cruelty is one of the biggest threats to an animas, habitat, life than anything else, so why do we put them threw this? Animals cruelty is unhuman and it makes those animals turn to the dark side and then we have aggressive animals and this is not the animals fault they are just protecting from us.

With this in mind we still harm them and make them so scared that they will not trust another person to show them love, care and to not hurt them or hurt them. We have the responsibility to protect them and not let things hurt them and this is not the way we do it by leaving them on the side of the road or not feeding them or watering them.How would you feel if you got ripped away from the only family that you had and then put into a cage and then made to be in experiment and left in pain that ends up killing you? This is not what we should do animal cruelty is something that be nothing but a memory and this is not something to joke about.It is important to be aware of animal cruelty.

Animals are suffering in two different ways. Those two diffrent ways are medical and personal or experiments. Examples of suffering in medical ways is like when scientists developed a vaccine against the blue tongue,a disease transmitted by midges that causes much suffering in animals such as cattle,and sheep. Catherine Dellortpoints out that animals used for these experiments are left in their cages to die without any pain relief, rather than being euthanized (page20). The scientist needed to test what they made for strokes. Catherine Dellorts discovers the baboons were seen in their cages hunched over unable to drink, chew, or even lift their heads( page 20). Even when we do it for personal reasons it is still bad. The night before companion animals animals are sometime starved or even over watered where they blot and than exploded. The fighting of any animals are aginst the law in some states, but some how they still find a way to have fighting rings, but the owners do this in the expense of dogs they are tortured and they are trained to do this are even forced to fight where they just end up getting killed or killing other animals. When you go and use them to fight they become sckettish and this is not a good thing they might end up snapping and going after you are they will become mute and that is not something we want to happpen.

Animals are being killed everyday for are own personal reasons. Like choking, beating, strangling,Downing, fighting,kicking,neglect abandonment, poison, stabbing, unlawful trade, unlawful trapping. Animals are killed for our selfish needs and wants. Those animals are used for our entertainment or the educational purpose. We are the other hand do not think of the side affects that have on the animals. We make them fearful and in the constent struggle of keeping a safe life. Those animals that we use go threw their lives looking over their shoulder thinking that we are gonna be next or their the next ones to.

Gender ended up being the biggest component for animal cruelty. It is separated into two categories female and males, but males are the worst.In 2006 the ASPCAr’s men and women pursued cases in New York City made a record, one hundred a cases and sized two hundred ninety-nine animals in connection with their investigations. Almost all abusers are males.. In a study of sixty- seven college undergraduates, male students were nearly four times more likely than females to report abusing animals as children or adolescents. Slightly more than one- third of males (34.5%), but just fewer than 10% of females (9.3%), reported that animals had been cruel to animals.That are two hundred and fifty-six cases from males and only sixty- five cases for females. The total number of cases that only have males perpetrators is four hundred seventy- four. The number of males and females perpetration is eighty- seven.

Animals are in painful situations all the time. Fighting and testing on them are examples are ways the animals live painful lives. Testing on them makes them costley looking over their shouldersin feear that are go to come and test on them. When testing the scientist are suggested involved in often downplayed and they allege extreme levels of cruelty inflicted upon animals. The experiments can involve drawing, suffocating,starving and burning, blinding animals, destroy their ability to hear, damaging their brains, serving their lambs, crushing their organs, inducing their heart attacks,and ulcers, paralysis, seizures, and forcing the animals to inhale tobacco smoke, and drink alcohol, and ingest various drugs.When this happen we are destroying the food chain and throwing the food chain all out of balance. Each time that we do we make them shut down and it dose not help use gain their trust. When we use them as bait for a fighting it endangers their lives and that’s not what we should do. A total of fifty-three cases of fighting with animal.

That number should be zero.They are used for our personal and selfish reasons. What about the animals personal benefits? When we use them for our personal purpose they are unaware of what they are about to be exposed to. Everyday of every minute of every second of every hour they are put threw these painful situation and then they have to deal with the side effects and it hard for them. Animals that are experiment on have side effects that make them claw at them self. Or they are also have been known to have hallucination nations that make them act out. The animals in the experiment are also known to get very aggressive or they might get so depressed that they do not eat or drink. They will basically starved or dehydrate themself because the animals are in pain or they associate the food and water that the scientist give them. Because they associate it as something that is going to hurt them and they do not want any of it.

Theses aniamls that are used for our personal or medical selfish reasons are not our personal guinne pig. Every time that we do it makes the balance of world go off of balance. We are destroying their lives leaving them to die in pain. We might not care but what about their familys. Just because they are animals, manmals, like dogs,birds,sheep dosent mean that they are gonna be upset. They are even more pain then what them involved in the experiments are used for this is no the right thing for use to do. If you was in this situtation would you want someone taking your children or moms, father grandmas, grandpas or aunt, uncles and experimenting on them and killing them. Or living in constent fear that you are going to be the next on to be killed ir used for personal shelfish reasons it not the right thiing as human beings to do, but we end up doing it and not even feeling guilty that we ruined their lives or their family i hate that this is not going to be able to see their family memebers again.

This is why it is imporant that we have to be aware of animals crulitey because we cant be going and expect to have animals to be using if we kill off all of the animals it not right of use to be so cold hearted and so inhumane that keep doung these stupid experiments and i ahte that we have this happening we all could do alot better to be more awaree of our surrounds and not have them fearing to have their lives being killed or taken away from them and i can not beleive that we are in this cold hearted society that is okay wiht baby animals and grown animals being used to kill them for our personal or medical or even interament reason because we have so boring lives that we think that if we take their lives that our lives would be better and we might be happy. But what about them if we keep this up there wont be anymore chicken.cow.pig.hog.deer,bird and then what would we do use hummans for the experment that is not right we are disgraceful people and i hate to be apart of any of this. Awareness in the most imporant thing to be aware of in this world.Why do we have to be like this when we can be so much better?

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