Political Party Assignment

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Two major parties, Democrat and Republican, are leading our country. We are facing a lot challenges which two parties in the U.S. are putting a lot of precautions to get those jobs done well. Specifically, our state, Texas, we are also concerning and coping with a lot of problems in our State. Two parties are working hard to provide a desired platform and bring it into effective action. Both platform of two parties have some points identical, however, there are a lot things in both platform are much different.

Both platforms of Republican and Democrat are believed which are increasing our Texas on a lot of faces and possibly dealing with and even solving our problems. First of all, both parties, Democrat and Republican, mention the problem that many people are worrying recently, education, both parties support for every child in Texas should be provided opportunity to succeed. That means free public for children from pre-K to high school. However, there are something different in two platforms, which means Republican tend to charge student tuitions for their college level while Democrat provide free-college tuition for all students. Additionally, Republican give the right to all parents that they have rights for school options, all parents should be empowered to select public school, or private school, or homeschool options for their children. Furthermore, Republican are tending to send more police officers and security with guns in school to protect students. Conversely, Democrats suppose that, school choice is a deceptive marketing frame that purports to advocate something that already existsschool choicebut whose true purpose is to divert public school funds to vouchers on tax credit systems supporting private and sectarian schools, they do not support for school option because Democrats believe that is the way for evading the taxation or probably using that money granting illegally for private schools. Also, Democrats will likely to prohibit guns at school because they suppose that school is the right place for carrying guns in.

Another problem is recently debating aggressively on Texas senate race and Texas Governor race, immigration. Both parties have same concept that Texas have to defend and secure our southern border. Both parties also support for equal housing opportunity and job opportunity for all immigrants. Both parties strengthen the fair treatment for all immigration regardless their race, gender, national origin, and other characteristic. Nevertheless, both parties have really much different in their view of immigration. As for Republican, they are willing to build the wall which means technology, concrete infrastructure, tall, and boost deeply in the ground to stop illegal immigrants from the south countries. Also, they will deport more than eleven million people who are identified undocumented people back to their country. Republican support firmly Senate Bill 4show me your paper lawfor local enforcement agencies to stop anyone and request their legal driver license. In contrary, Democrat will likely to citizenship for illegal immigrants. They not only oppose Republican concepts above but also support for the passage of a clean Dreamer Act. Democrats believe that American economic are contributing and developing strongly by being relied strongly to immigrants who are working for top jobs which Americans refuse to get those jobs like construction, or public service. Democrats believe that building the wall and deport illegal immigrants will cost over a hundred millions dollar which are granted form a lot of people in Texas, which means moneyconsuming of State Government.

I believe both party platforms are driving our Texas to the new era in which more democracy. Moreover, both platforms are not perfect. As for Democrat platform, grating citizenship for illegal immigrations will be strongly opposed by Republican because that is unfair for people who have come here legally, which means they had wait in their line, they had followed the American rules. Republican can rely for granting citizenship for illegal immigrants about bringing drug, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana to Texas which will impact negatively to human being. Those can make people lazier, less creative for American, negative impact to young people, and possibly cause overdose to death . Also, Republican will attack Democrat about Taxes overhaul which Democrat will propose high taxes and high regulation to reduce or end a lot of small businesses which are really important to develop Texas' economy to hire more people in Government. Also, Medicare for all people will impact negatively and seriously to Democrats. They will have supports from illegal immigrants and most of elderly immigrants but for all Texans, Democrats will not get votes for people who are paying taxes and count it for Medicare when they retire in their future. That will bankrupt Medicare in Texas. But Republican platforms also have many things that Democrat can take advantages to get more people against Republican. Firstly, deportation of illegal immigrants and building the wall on the southern border will cost a lot of money. Gun ownership or we usually call NRA organization, will be oppose by a lot of Texans because it will break the safety in Texas, some people when they lost their temper or more importantly, students possibly hide the gun of their parents and bring it to school, it will be dangerous for school. What did happen in Santa Fe high school that was terrible and chaotic for the students. People do not want it happening again. Texans will consider carefully about NRA and gun ownership that will oppose Texas Republican.

In my conclusion, I believe both platforms of Republican and Democrat are overall good for Texas. Both parties built up their platforms on the same concepts but their manners in which they pick to achieve their purposes are much distinguished. The vast majority of differences which exist between the Democrat and Republican platforms surround their fundamental beliefs. The 2018 Republican platform is targeting to mostly white people, Christian families with JudeoChristian belief. Minority rights are seem second to the party's theological belief. The Democrat platform is more open to minorities and offer concession to them which will benefit them, especially immigrants and homosexual. However, as for Republican, they will struggle with some questions about the consideration for all Americans, safety in Texas, or gun ownership and NRA. However, Democrat will be easy to be attacked by those question for their moral value. They break too much from tradition and regulations and grant reward for people who would break or fail our Constitution and laws.

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