Whigs Vs Jacksonian Democrats – Political Parties

Prior to the year 1820, there was no such thing as the democratic and republican parties. The current year is 2018, and the United States now has a better-developed party system. The world has evolved since the nineteenth century, but the United States politics would not be what it is, without the cultivation of the Whig party and the Jacksonian Democrats. Both the Whig party and Jacksonian Democrats had their differences that made the two parties what they were.

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“Whigs Vs Jacksonian Democrats – Political Parties”

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The idea of having two separate parties did not just appear out of thin air, like most things, some form of event transpired in order to cause a change to occur. The two-party system began after Andrew Jackson became president of the United States. Jackson was known as the president of the common people. Jackson was not like most presidents prior to him. When he was elected president and had his inauguration, he invited many citizens to the white house to celebrate the occasion. Inviting random people without any social status was uncommon for such a prestigious event. Also, the idea of having a president that was a war hero and did not have much knowledge about government as his predecessors did not sit well with the Whig party. They were worried that Jackson would not be able to make any long-term decisions.

The Whig party was developed due to several people disliking the characteristics of Andrew Jackson. Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun are only a few of the many people in the Whig party that were not in favor of Andrew Jackson. The Whig party believed that the government should be involved in the economy. Most of the people in the Whig party were those not in favor of the growth of small businesses because the Whig party was mostly made up of elite business owners. The big business owners could have been afraid of the possibility of having more competition in their field. Also, the idea of expanding the land westward was something that the Whigs were not necessarily against, but at that time they felt as if the expansion would present more problems at the time rather than answers. The Whig party disagreed so passionately against Andrew Jackson because Jackson was in favor of supporting small business owners and not just the big business owners. Jackson wanted to get rid of the social hierarchy that crippled the development of the United States.

The Jacksonian Democrats were different from the Whig party in many different aspects. The Jacksonian Democrats were in favor of the underdog. They wanted small business owners, and common white men, to get the opportunity to be as successful as the rich white men in the Whig party. Unlike the Whig party, the Jacksonian Democrats believed in expanding the territory westward in order to expand the possibilities for regular individuals. The Jacksonian Democrats believed that this opportunity would allow for monopolies to be broken in America. Andrew Jackson knew that the big business owners were trying to run a monopoly, so he was so adamant in giving other people the opportunity to break the constant cycle of hierarchy.

Personally speaking, the Jacksonian Democrats made the best impact in the nineteenth century. The Jacksonian Democrats strived to give the common white male the opportunity to be more and do more. If the Jacksonian Democrats did not attempt to shake things up, there is no clue as to where America would be today. In today’s time period, anyone can start his or her own business at the snap of a finger, regardless of his or her gender or race. If Andrew Jackson had not given that opportunity to Americans, Americans would have stayed under the thumb of large companies rather than starting new businesses. In return, the idea of going from rags to riches would have just been a dream that most people would have only imagined. Because of the Jacksonian Democrats, America is now the land for dreamers to make their small wishes become a reality.

Both the Jacksonian Democrats and the Whig party helped the structure of two different parties develop. The Jacksonian Democrats wanted to let the common white man expand their horizon, and the Whig party wanted to keep the same successful men successful, rather than giving other white men the opportunity to be like them. Both parties were developed because each party had strong beliefs, and today, whether someone is a democrat or republican depends on their beliefs and values as well

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