Comparison of Two Political Parties

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The United States has many political parties such as Libertarian party, Green party and Constitution party to name a few, yet none are as major as the Republican and Democratic Party. Both have different political views on issues that affect many Americans today. These parties are divided in many, ways and they both have special interests and want to make the United States a better country. These two major political parties, Republican and Democratic have different views and stances on issues that affect millions of American citizens, this includes political issues such as: abortion, gun control, and immigration, though they want what’s best for the United States, it’s up to the decision of the people to vote what they want for this country.

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“Comparison of Two Political Parties”

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Abortion is a major issue that affect many women in the United States. Both parties have different views on this issue and due to this many laws are created to either cease or support the issue of abortion. The Republicans stance on abortion is that they believe that due to the Fourteenth Amendment in the Declaration of Independence an unborn child has the same rights as any other human being. Republicans refuse the use of public revenue that benefit the funding for abortion, and the organizations that perform it. Yet, the Democratic party strongly support the rights for women to have an abortion. Supporting Woe v. Wade, the Democrats want all women to have every right to have an abortion, not wanting the politicians or the government to getting in the way of it. Democrats would help fund programs, such as plan parenthood who perform abortions on women, and other programs which help educate women to not have unintentional pregnancies and provide health care for women who decide to have a child. Today, Republican President Donald Trump strongly opposes abortion and has already signed an executive order that denies the U.S. funding of foreign organizations that perform abortions around the world. Most likely with a new conservative Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the future looks grimmer for the right of women to have and abortion.

Gun control is a major issue in the United States, about 96 Americans every day are killed by guns. Both Republicans and Democrats support the prevention of people who have a mental illness to purchase guns. Where they disagree on is factors in gun violence and concealed guns, both parties disagree on how legally obtained guns play a role in gun violence. Republicans believe that if more Americans owned guns there would be less crime; however, the Democrats believe that there will be more crime if more Americans owned guns. Democrats say that if it was harder to legally purchase a gun, then there would be less mass shootings. Many Republicans say that it would make no difference if guns are tougher to purchase or not. Much of America is divided on gun control, many believe that it should be Congress top priority to make stricter gun laws. After, the Parkland shooting happened back in February, killing 17 people and injuring 17 others, the students of Stoneman Douglas High School protested to make stricter gun laws, many Americans believe that it had somewhat a minor impact. Though, it had a minor impact Congress only passed a bill that would train school officials and local authorities to be able to deal with a mental health crisis. Gun control in the U.S. is a major issue and there is need for stricter laws, yet as a divided nation many people believe otherwise.

Immigration today in America is a hot topic. Republicans and Democrats have different opinions on immigration, and they both take different actions to deal with this issue. Democrats view on immigration is that the United States is a diverse country that is based on immigration and the country should continue to support current and future immigrants. The Republicans support a stronger border and for those people who are here illegally will be detained, sent to their country of origin. When Barack Obama was president, he and many other Democrats fought for the Dream Act, this act would allow people who were brought here illegally as children by their parents to become a citizens. Today with Republican Donald Trump and his promise to secure our southern border with a BIG wall, many people are divided on this issue, the reason is that the wall will cost upwards of 18 billion to build and millions to maintain a year. Democrats are against this because of all the money the U.S. is going to use, and it goes against what they believe in. As a nation divided from an issue such as immigration, the United States is a country of immigrants and built by immigrants.

The United States is a country where Republicans and Democrats are the two of biggest and most influential parties. Both have different views on issues that this country has, and they both have different solutions for each in their own way. Abortion is an issue that plagued the U.S. for many years with Roe v. Wade back in 1973 and will continue with Republicans and Democrats fighting for what they believe in. Gun control is an issue that the U.S. can’t seem to regulate, the country is seeing more gun violence in our schools and in public places. Gun control is an issue where people are most divided on and it’s up to lawmakers to prevent gun violence with more laws and regulations on guns. Immigration is the most recent issue in the past decade with more and more immigrants coming across the border illegally, and these parties see it, while the Democrats believe that this country is built by immigrants and believe that they should become citizens. The opposing party believe that immigrants should go back to their country and secure a border in which no illegal person should cross. The country today with a president whose approval rating is 42.2% and with many people not agreeing with his views. Our country today is the most divided it has ever been.

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