My Personal Political Position

Republican or Democratic Currently, I have been living in 4155 Pleasant Run Road, Texas which is considered as district 16. 1 According to the official website for the Texas Senate, Don Huffines represents district 16 in the Texas Senate who is from a republican party. Around 846,307 people are living in district 16. 2 Among them, 7.2% are between 0 to 4 years, 17.1 % belongs to 5 to 17 years, 65.8% are between 18 to 64 years and around 9.8% are 65 and above years. 3 Similarly, most of the people are Anglo covering 48.3%, 11.8% are black people, 30% of them are Hispanic, 41.3% are mixed that is both black and white, and 10.4% are others in district 16. Talking about education, the population of 216,508 are enrolled in school and among them 56,872 are in college, graduate, or professional school.

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“My Personal Political Position”

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Moreover, 44.1% of them have bachelor’s degree or higher in district 16 and 15.3% have less than high school graduation. Similarly, 447,320 are the employed civilian population of age 16 and over in which 85% of them worked in private sector, 7.8% in government and 7.1% are self-employed. Only 0.9% of the population are involved in agriculture. Most of the population are involved in educational service and health care and social assistance and professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management which is 17.5% and 17.1% respectively. For the general election around 478,098 total population are registered for vote. As per the report of several district election, republican found to be taking over the election. But the current presidential election shows that 49.9% of the vote is in favor of democrat and 45.3% in republican.


According to the survey, I have been categorized as liberal democrats. Everyone people have their own way of thinking and have own perspective on certain thing. I believe to be a supporter of democrats. Don Huffines who is the member from a republic party and a senate of district 16 has an intense passion for liberty and expanding conservative philosophy.


The first issue I am against of is Immigration policy by the Trump administration. I strongly oppose the policy of abusing children making them apart form their parents. The tender age house for infants and small children and the zero tolerance policy of trump administration to immigrants is totally unfair to the immigrants. Similarly, the policy to no longer recognize asylum claims and ban on religious affiliation or country of origin for immigrants by Trump administration policy is not right decision which I strongly oppose. One can protect the border of country by treating asylum seeker humanely.


Secondly, I strongly oppose the policy of right to keep and bear arms. The opponent party i.e. republican supports this term. But, keeping arms and carrying them freely can results different kinds of violence. A person’s mood can change at any time and if he has a gun then he can do anything to anyone at any time. We can take the example of gunshot in Northlake Community College recently or the gun shot in other states where many people lost their lives because of one person. It can bring fear in people which affects the quality of life. As an international student, I find it scary which makes me to think twice to walk in the street alone during midnight.


Third, the use of energy and environment in a rational way is the best way of reducing the global problem i.e. global warming. Republican believes in drilling, constructing new refineries which is good in this modern era for short term. But if we look for the long term, it will affect the living creatures and environment. So, I support the concept if democrats who believes in recycling and waste reducing by decreasing the use of natural resources and following the idea of reuse and recycle.


Thus, as a liberal democrat, I agree with the beliefs of democrats regarding immigrants’ policies, right to bear arms and use of energy and environment wisely.


As per the survey, I found myself as liberal democrats. A per my understanding, liberal democrats defines free, fair, and open society which try to maintain the balance in the society by removing poverty, discrimination and corruption.


As per the survey, I found myself as an opportunity democrat which seems to be liberal with attitude. I have a liberal view in environment, immigration, and homosexuality issues. I believe in hard work which can take people ahead and makes them success. As per the survey, I have an involvement in the global markets.


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