The Prohibition Party

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Started in 1869, the Prohibition party is a minor political party in the United States. It was founded by Jack Russell and has lasted for more than 145 years. The prohibition party was created to campaign for legislation to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcohol. It soon grew as political party as they began to run for more elections and got involved with different platforms. The prohibition party has many different facets that created the oldest, prevailing minor political party.

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“The Prohibition Party”

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The Prohibition party was founded in 1869 by Reverend Jack Russell. It’s original cause was to prohibit the sale and use of alcoholic beverages in the United States of America. It came into existence at a convention in Chicago and around 20 delegates from different states were present. It’s creation was spurred by several factors, including failure of public officials to enforce existing prohibition laws, and lack of support of prohibition from existing parties. Candidates were immediately put into service at local and state elections. Their best showing occurred in 1892 where John Bidwell, the prohibition candidate for the president, received 271,000 votes. As great as that accomplishment was, the party’s great success victory occurred by grassroots pressure on national lawmakers. Congress passed the 18th amendment which prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol. It was ratified in 1919 which was cause for great celebration within the party. Eventually, prohibition failed and the party witnessed the redaction of the amendments appeal in 1933. Although it failed the party has persevered and it still exists today as the oldest minor political party. It’s conservative platforms also continue on, despite the growth of the 21st century.

The Prohibition party’s main platform is just that, prohibition, but they expanded their ideas to include more concerns. Some of these added concerns included prohibition of gambling, women’s suffrage, currency, prison reform and free public education. They even allied with organizations whose platforms were similar, some of these are the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the Anti-Saloon League and different churches. They were very strict in their beliefs and believed strongly in religion but was forced to change to conform to the modernization of the United States.

The Prohibition party’s platform has changed throughout the one hundred and forty nine years they have been in existence. In 1872 the Prohibition party believed that fixed and moderate salaries should take the place of official fees and that all unnecessary purchases should be annulled. They believed every possible action should be taken to prevent corruption in office and a strict system of accountability should be practiced in every department of the government. One distinct belief was that frequency of railroad, water transportation and travel is used only sparingly. They believed that all, despite race, gender, or nationality all are equal and they even wanted more immigrants coming to America, allowing them equal rights, privileges, and protection under the constitution. Despite their firm beliefs, they swiftly change their platform, to conform to the modernization of the country.

In current years their platform has stayed relatively the same with a few changes. They updated and modernized their ideas to fit the twenty first century. They maintain their outlook on foreign trade, stating that it causes lost jobs and poverty in America. They view same sex marriage as an abomination to god and they are strictly pro-life. One of the biggest changes to their platform is their perspective on immigration. They believe the United States should deploy resources to prevent illegal immigration and they strongly disagree with granting citizenship to babies born in America to illegal mothers. Many of their outlooks are dependent on their religious affiliations. Their platform although very important to them did not directly impact the United States save for a few specific events.

Prohibition, an era well known because of the complete outrage the majority of America felt was a major impact that the The Prohibition party had on America. The major platform that the prohibition party supported was prohibition. When the United States passed Amendment eighteen, the prohibition party completed the one goal they built their party on. They had officially banned alcohol in the United States of America, something the prohibition party had strived for since 1872. This was the party’s greatest achievement because the main idea of the party was to prohibit alcohol along with many other things.

A second impact the party had on the United States was its continued perseverance and its continued efforts for a place in the government. They were an important force in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but declined after the repeal of prohibition. They have continued to fight though and received five hundred and eighteen votes in 2012 and an astounding five thousand six hundred and seventeen votes in the 2016 presidential election. The party is an important part of the American government and with out their perseverance they would not exist.

The Prohibition party is a unique part of the United States government. The party was specifically a vital part considering the fact that it its the oldest third party in America. It was founded by Jack Russell in 1869 and has since flourished, fallen and through it all has prevailed creating just another facet to the government. Will they flourish next or continue to fall?

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