Paradise: the Beautiful Beach in Phuket

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Round and around the tuk tuk drives through the serpentine steep road and on either side of the road a breathtaking vista is a treat to many eyes. Turquoise water, golden sand, palm trees contributing to the greenery along with astounding tall buildings, the landscape from above gave the illusion of a coned ice-cream. The weather was extremely hot which made me feel like I was in an oven set. When the tuk tuk came to a halt, I was appalled by mesmerizing view, it was nothing like the beaches I had seen before in life. Cream sand, crystal-clear water, shade-giving palm trees and enormous granite stones on both parts of the sand, it was what the name of the beach suggested Paradise. Paradise beach was unlike any beach in Phuket it was calm, uncrowded and clean.

The serenity of the beach possessed the power to calm the most turbulent minds. The waves were swarming gently to the shore generating its own sounds and igniting its own unique symphony which is remedying. It was a place of peace that made me feel like nothing could go wrong, where you could smile without a purpose, making memories that no camera can catch. The feeling of complete peace and serenity due to the voice of waves and breeze purified my body from all the negative energy. Paradise beach was different, it didn’t have loud music playing in the background unlike Patong beach. Jet-skis, boats and food vendors were not allowed on the beach which contributed to its peace and tranquility.

Paradise is one of those beaches where I hardly spotted a mass of hundred people. The prominent reason for this is probably the route to the beach, which is not quite smooth considering the roads are narrow and twisty. The other argument could be the fee to access the beach is 200 baht per head, but it is well-worth for people who want privacy. Paradise beach is spacious along with no disturbance. Some children were building sandcastles with a bucket and spade while the adults were enjoying the watersports, which included relishing kayaking far across the shore and snorkeling to see the magnificent aquatic life. It is unlike Patong beach where you don’t have a place to sit or swim.

The beach was sparkling clean as if it was assembled just yet. Under my bare feet the sand was soft, silky and powdery which felt like I was walking on a bale of cotton. The crystal-clear sky-blue water makes it a perfect place for divers or snorkelers as the clear water has great visibility which will help you experience more sea life. The sea air smelled briny unlike other beaches which had a fishy smell. The warm weather with a gentle breeze that blew my hair like a cold blow dryer. The clean air my lungs inhaled felt like a blessing in disguise from the polluted city air. Patong beach was littered and the water contained plastic items as people were allowed to eat on the beach.

In a nutshell, Paradise is one of the finest beach in Phuket because it is spacious, clean and serene. The view while riding to the beach was an unforgettable memory for me. Even though the route was challenging and the weather was burning hot, the destination was undeniably praiseworthy. The access fee is petty, compared to the awe-inspiring seascape you would behold. Personally, I am not fond of beaches however, after going to the Paradise I have a new-found appreciation for beaches. It was a lifetime experience which I would cherish forever.

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