My Beach Vacation

The happiest vacation my family and I have ever taken was the most comfortable and calm place to be. It’s a place where you don’t worry about what you look like. You can leave all your troubles behind. The beach is the perfect place for a family vacation because it is like a safe haven, so peaceful and serene. One day in June or July, early in the morning before dawn I awoke with suitcase in hand and headed out on an adventure to the beach. Mile after mile, curve after curve and with each bump, all I can do is dream and envision the beach. As my family drove closer and closer to the beach, I notice the trees change from pine, oak, and maple, to palm trees. I notice the grassy sides of the road become crushed shells and sand.

The closer I got to our destination you begin to smell the salty water of the ocean. The sun even appears brighter as it glistens on each body of water that appeared near the road. As my family drove the last mile over the big bridge with dark blue water on each side, we see the spectacular endless ocean glistening with every ray of sunshine. If you roll down the windows you can hear the waves crashing on the beach. The smell of the salty sea air immediately calms me because I know I have arrived at the beach. My family checked into our room and unpack the car; I can’t wait to get my toes in the sand. I jumped into my bright turquoise swimsuit and grabbed a big blue striped towel and an orange chair and head out to the beach. As I step onto the beach, the soft, warm sand squished between my toes. I can hear the seagulls loudly squawk, caterwaul, whoop, and wail as they soar gracefully above. The gentle sound of each seagull is music to my ears. I watch as people mingled with the tiny creatures on the shore and in the sea. You can see the smiles and excitement and hear the giggles of the young children.

A gentle sea breeze, so soothing, rustles through my hair. I put up my beach umbrella and plant my chair in the sand, the warmth of the sun covers me like a blanket kissing my skin. I could sit here for hours without boredom but head to the glistening blue water. As I stepped into the endless expanse of water, it swirled around by feet before retreating back to the sea. It was warm as dishwater but refreshing. I can taste the bitter salt of the ocean as it enters my mouth as the spray of water is carried by the wind through the air. I know that I have arrived at the beach.

As I look across the ocean, so dark and blue, I see the splendid display of dolphins leaping out of the dark blue water and dive back in as if they are waving bye, to this gorgeous day. The sunset is bright orange against the blue canvas of the sky as it sets in the west. It is then that I notice so many colorful shells on the shoreline that resemble freckles on a blonde headed little boy. Each shell worn, battered and cracked as they were tossed through the waves upon the seashore. As the day comes to a close, I retreat from all the wonderful things about the day and reminisce once again about my childhood memories. The beach has always been a part of my life since I was a baby.

My parents have taken me on vacation with my grandparents, aunts and uncle to the beach. The beach really does bring our family close. My best early childhood memories relate to the beach. Therefore, the beach is a special place for me, a place where I can rest, relax and remember.

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