Flagler Beach is the Popular Beach

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Flagler beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Flagler county area. I moved to Flagler county in 2015 and once I arrived I realized there was absolutely nothing to do, until I found Flagler beach. Since Florida is so hot Flagler beach became such a popular place to enjoy some fun attractions, walk on the beautiful boardwalk, and the amazing view. But before all of this could happen, what made Flagler beach… Flagler beach?

Henry Flagler was a key figure in the development of the Atlantic coast of Florida. Knowing that Flagler beach overlooks the Atlantic coast, Henry Flagler must have played a role in that. Henry Flagler traveled to St. Augustine, which he loved, then Flagler believed that Florida could attract a lot of tourists. Flagler started to build hotels in St. Augustine, which was Hotel Ponce de Leon. Then Flagler began to build a railroad from Jacksonville to Halifax, creating the first railroad that became the Florida Coast Railway system. Flagler then started to build hotels all around Florida, in Key West and Miami. Aftering falling down a flight of stairs, Flagler never recovered and died of his injuries. We thank Henry Flagler for making Florida the third largest state in the Union with an economy larger than 90% of the world’s nations (Henry Morrison Flagler Biography). Flagler beach was named after Henry Flagler because he created East Florida as resort and vacation destinations.

While parking along the beach, Flagler Beach also has this beautiful gray boardwalk. This boardwalk was made out of plastic bags that are used to make wood composite lumber, which created the flagler boardwalk. It really interested me to learn more about how the boardwalk was built. In Addition to the boardwalk their is the Flagler pier. To get onto the pier it cost $1.50. The walk along the pier is super peaceful and beautiful. The best part is, you can even fish off the pier, it is a super popular fishing area and is open from six in the morning to midnight. The Flagler beach pier opened in 1928, stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean at 806 feet. There is also a great restaurant in Flagler, but this one is on the pier! The Funky Pelican servers breakfast lunch and dinner. Serving great burgers to some really good seafood, it’s all funky fresh. On October 7th, 2016, Flagler beach got hit by hurricane Matthew. In Flagler County, Matthew damaged around 2,593 buildings, at a total cost of least $72.8 Million. The effects of Matthew left everyone at an all time low. Flagler beach took a lot of damage, leaving parts of A1A destroyed and houses completely flooded. Reports state that “Hurricane Matthew was the worst storm to hit Flagler since 1893, when two storms swept through the county.” (Bruce 2017) Although Flagler beach experience such a tragedy, the beach still remains strong.

Flagler beach is home of The Waffle Cone Ice Cream Shop. This is a vintage-themed ice cream parlor, the decor is amazing. They have records on the walls, old fashion music playing, and have I love Lucy playing on a tv in the corner of the shop. Most teenagers around Palm Coast always stop in at The Waffle Cone and enjoy the different homemade flavors of ice cream, they have also serve milkshakes and banana splits. Aside from The Waffle Cone Flagler beach has so many locally owned boutique shops along the Ocean Shore Boulevard. The most favored shop is Bahama Mama’s Unique Tropical Gifts. They sell bathing suits and towels, just in case you forgot to bring some on your way to the beach. If you’re in the mood for some real food, Flagler beach also has a bunch of amazing restaurants. My personal favorite is the Golden Lion. The Golden Lion is a nice restaurant in Flagler, they have live music, the best seafood, and a roof deck overlooking the beach. Flagler also has an event every first friday of the week. They call this First Friday, they have music, food, exhibits and so much more.

I love going to First Friday at night because the live music is super soothing while walking on the beach. When your toes are in the sand, and your body is soaking up the sun, Flagler beach has this incredible view. While lounging out on your beach chair you can get an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Flagler beach sand there is also little fragments of limestone crystals, you never have to worry about getting your feet stabbed by shells because the flagler beach sand is so soft and so much fun to build a sand castle with. You can also find some coquina rocks along the beach, these rocks are super cool and very unique. What I find really cool about Flagler beach is all the surfers, I’ve never really got the chance to get into surfing but its really cool to watch them ride the killer waves. Flagler beach also host surfing championships, like Tommy Tant. Tommy Tant is a Memorial Surf Classic that celebrates the life of Flagler beach. The attractions in Flagler beach is what makes it so entertaining and gives you so much more to do than sitting on the beach.

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