Goa: the Tourist Paradise

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The relaxed vibes and sandy beaches attract large numbers of tourists all over the world every year. It is the weekend getaway for many. The forts, the natural view, architecture, nightlife, Goan cuisine, Goa has it all. Being the smallest state in India, it is one of the most literate and richest. Apart from the forts, the architecture, the scenic beauty is bliss. Located on the shore of the Arabian Sea, it is house to n number of beaches. The best time to visit Goa is during winter, between Novembers to march.


The beaches in Goa are the main reason of attraction for domestic as well as foreign tourists. Each beach has its own distinctiveness. From water sports to scuba diving, the white sand and coconut grooves brings in peace.

Baga Beach

One of the most famous is the Baga beach. It not only lets you soak in the sun but also has different activities, which will never let you get bored. It is popularly known as the party hub that makes it lively in the night. This beach offers beach shacks, coffee bars, Thai massage, clubs, shops and street food vendors. The water babies and adventurers can enjoy jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing.

Calangute Beach

The largest beach in Goa and known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ is the Calangute Beach. There are plenty of options this beach has for tourist. From lying down in the sand to water sports, it does not give you a chance to get bored. There are lots of sights seeing options around, with Baga beach being separated by some rocks. A tourist has the option of exploring both the beaches at a time. Calangute offers water sports like sailing, kayaking, water snorkeling and fishing.

Candolim Beach

Located between the Aguada Fort, Baga-Calangute beach is the Candolim beach. This beach has water sports at reasonable price. It is a romantic getaway for couples. Candolim has banana boating or bird and dolphin watching. Anjuna Beach is best for nature lovers. The beach has hills in the background making it the picturesque. This beach has flea market, where tourist can shop and is operational on Wednesdays only. The Grand Island is known for water-sports especially scuba diving. The Boat Trip includes snorkeling and gives a chance to see many dolphins around the boat. It gives you a chance to have a look at the marine life.


Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the tallest waterfall in India and is located Mandovi River. It is four-tiered waterfalls. The waterfall looks like sea of milk. It is a paradise for birds, with many species around the waterfall and various types of animals too. It offers over-night camping too. There is trekking for tourists who are enthusiast.


Goa being the most favorite party place, Tito’s Street is one of the best clubs. It is located in Baga Beach. The DJ playing songs that make everyone groove. This club has two levels, the first level is for couples and youngsters to dance and enjoy whereas the second level is for people to sit and enjoy the view and music. There are clubs in every corner of Goa. It has Bollywood night, Ladies night and Karaoke night. Club Cubana, located on top of Arpora Hill has a spectacular view. It has multi-level dance floors, neon lights and open bar. The Love, Passion, Karma is a waterfront club. The LPK in neon sign over the water is a must watch. Tourists who wish to dance on the Bollywood hits can dance while others can walk along the waterfront. This club can be related to the ‘Breakup song’ from Aee Dil Hai Mushkil. This club is known for its unique concept that is one has to put on wireless earphones. One can easily shuffle and select the song he wishes to dance on. The DJ plays genres like trance, electro-punk.


Giving the Las Vegas experience is the Deltin Royale Casino. It has a room dedicated for poker lovers and a special room for taash. It is a beautiful ship floating on Mandovi River. Casino Paradise is the most luxurious casinos in Goa. It gives high-tech digital gaming experience. One can enjoy the gaming and unlimited food.


Goa has many churches; each church has its uniqueness. Church of St. Francis of Assisi is known for its Barque and Corinthian architecture. This church has two statues- one of Christ and the other of St Francis of Assisi. There are many paintings that portray the life of St Francis of Assisi. This is the only church with museum that contains artifacts, sculptures and paintings. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is of the oldest and famous. There are two alters- one to Our Lady of Rosary and the other to St Peter. The interiors of this church are elegant and well maintained.

Aguada Fort

It was built by the Portuguese then and is now used as prison. The lighthouse inside this fort is believed to be built in the 19th century. It was named Aguada as it means water for there was water springs back then.

Chapora Fort

First built by Adilshah of Bijapur but was later renamed by the Portuguese. It was built in red laterite stone but now it is just walls and Muslim tombstones. In case there is an attack, the residents can use the tunnel to escape.

Reis Magos Fort

It is situated on the banks of Mandovi River. It was used for defense purposes and now it is used as prison. Sultan Adilshah built it. It got its name from Magi Kings, which means ‘Three Wise Men’.

With so many things to visit in Goa, one can have a perfect getaway from the tiring routine. Not to forget the Goan food, which is finger licking good. The fishermen catch fresh fish and when it is served no one can resist it. Goa has a wildlife that has monkeys and other animals which tourist do not miss out.

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