Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

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Europe can be proud of many beautiful beaches , these are distinguished above all by their amazing variety. The expanses of sand bathed in sparkling waters, worthy of the Caribbean, dispute it with the coastal bands sculpted by storms and raging elements, where the land and the sea meet with a crash. Few places in the world offer to amateurs a range of beaches also abundant. Whether you are looking for a place to surf (or learn to surf ), a beach that fulfills the desires of the whole family, a melancholy setting for a solo stroll, or simply a little piece of paradise to spread your towel, you will find what ‘you need in our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Europe .

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“Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe”

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1. Jaz Beach, Montenegro

If you want loneliness, don’t list this destination at the top of your list. On the other hand, if you like the typical beaches of seaside resorts, with a hint of adventure sports, a pinch of culture and parties galore, don’t hesitate for a second. Jaz beach, a vast sandy expanse, is a must-see on the magnificent Adriatic coast . This summer, Jaz will once again host the Sea Dance Festival (July 13 – 15), the inaugural edition of which received the Best European Medium-Sized Festival award at the European Festival Awards 2014. also an asset of choice: its geographical location, outside Budva. This miniature Dubrovnik has a charming old town and a citadel which hosts the open air performances scheduled for the Theater in the city festival throughout July. Thrill seekers will be happy leaving Budva for day trips, with the program among others rafting descents in the Tara canyon, or paragliding on Mount Lov?en.

2. Peniche, Portugal

The port of Peniche and the eponymous beach are known to surfers around the world. However, this wild and rugged promontory , which juts out into the Atlantic nearly a hundred kilometers northwest of Lisbon , is worth a visit even if you don’t have a surfboard… Followers seasoned surfers and bodyboarders opt for the west coast, in particular for the “supertubos” (large rollers in the shape of tubes) off the beach of Medão Grande. The sheltered bays of the neighboring village of Baleal are favored by beginners, vacationers who travel with family, and more generally those who love basking in the sun. History buffs will be thrilled in the old town of Peniche. It includes notably old churches, as well as the Peniche fort, built in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the 20th century, political prisoners were imprisoned there, and today it is a museum. Finally, scuba diving enthusiasts can take a boat to the crystal clear waters of the Berlengas archipelago, a nature reserve close to the coast.

3. Rondinara Beach, Corsica, France

You should not for a moment see in Rondinara Bay a little-known little paradise. In high season (July / August), an armada of luxury yachts drops anchor there, and the fine sand literally disappears under an ocean of tanned bodies. However, Corsica jealously watches over its magnificent beaches, and it is right. Halfway between the historic Bonifacio and the very chic Porto Vecchio , Rondinara beach, located at the end of any road close to the national 198, is no exception to the rule. Thanks to careful management, the place remains sumptuous despite intense attendance: the strip of sand drawing a perfect horseshoe encloses a bay with shallow clear blue waters , set like a precious stone in a setting made of rocks Red and dusty scrub. Because of its sheltered nature, Rondinara bay is bathed in small waves ideally suited for bathing children – a real boon for families who stay at the efficiently managed campsite located nearby. Near the beach, the numerous parking spaces facilitate the reception of day trippers, and on the sand, a restaurant serves meals and drinks from May to September.

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