Planning and Organizing Personal and Professional Development

Introduction & background:

Drafting this personal development plan will help me organize and target my professional and personal development. This will help me reach my short-and long-term goals, as well as strengthen current job performance by providing a structured approach.

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“Planning and Organizing Personal and Professional Development”

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Methods & Surveys:

Over the course of the last ten weeks, I have done multiple surveys to determine my strengths and weakness. Surveys such as “Now, Discover Your Strenght”, Internal control-External control by Julian B Porter, List of Values from L. Gadenswartz and A. Rowe, The PeopleSmart Scale by Mel Silberman, The effect of Organizational Environment on Perceived Power and Climate: A Laboratory Study from D. L. Dieterly and B. Schneider, Individual Differences in the Generation and Processing of Performance Feedback by D. M. Herold, C. K. Parsons and R. B. Rensvold and Team Assessment by Patrick Lencioni.


My top strengths will be Teamwork and Adaptability. Teamwork because I organize my life around my close relationship (both personal and professional) and keep them in the planning exercise and Adaptability because I find planning work very boring and try to minimize such chore while still achieving the result. My strength helps a lot in this MBA program and also in my career. The reason for any successful group project is teamwork and as it is one of my strengths, it helps me contribute to every group project either that is an MBA or at work project and be an integral part of it.


My Biggest Weakness is my Focus. I tend to get distracted from my task very easily by things that have no or very less value and often resulting in losing the track of time eventually leading to missing of the deadlines. Sometimes my weakness tends to overpower my strengths. I tend to lose focus during lectures and also at work. This either results In me not being able to learn properly in the class or make errors at my work.

Blind Spot:

My Blind spot as a manager would be Tolerating or accepting “Good Enough” ( Low standards of performance). In every single group project at my MBA, I have had a member who was underperforming and used to let it go and I do the same thing at my work with one of my

subordinate. The biggest impact of my such behavior leads to more work either for my team members or myself.

The SMART goal:

Specific: Developing my teamwork skill to make it more effective over the course of one year and not letting my weakness i.e. focus overpower it.

Measurable: Taking surveys every two weeks to determine how much I have progressed. If there is no progress found in the surveys, try to change the method. Improve focus by practicing different methods such as log out of email and social media for 30 minutes daily, adjusting the thermostat to make the atmosphere (temperature) more comfortable and preparing the brain for the task by making it calm for few minutes.

Achievable: Teamwork Being one of my biggest strength, it should not be a problem to develop the skill. Being a supply chain professional I have to be involved in teamwork on a daily basis and it will help me achieve my goal sooner. On the other hand, achieving my goal to overcome my weakness will be a bit more challenging. I would have to constantly evaluate if I am making any progress or not.

Relevant: These goals are a part of my Personal Development plan for the next year. The purpose is to improve my strength and eliminate my weakness.

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