Axia College Material Appendix E

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Axia College Material Appendix E Suicide Respond to the following based on the information in the “Suicide Rates by Age Group” article: 1. What has been the trend in suicide rates over the past few years? Suicide rates have declined in the recent years. 2. What part of the U. S. has the highest suicide rate? The highest suicide rate are in the Western part of the United states. 3. List three risk factors for suicide. Three risk factors for suicide are firearms at the household, people who suffer from depression, individuals who had tried to commit suicide in the past. 4. Many researchers worry that suicide rates for adolescents and older adults continue to increase. What does the research data show about these age groups? The research data for the suicide rates for adolescents and older adults shows that these two age groups are also declining, but there is still a common misheld perception that these two groups have rising suicide rates. . In the U. S. , what demographic has the highest rate of suicide? Older white males are shown to have the highest rate. 6. List four possible reasons for the observed decrease in suicide rates. Four possible reasons for the observed decrease in suicide rates include: The economy, substance abuse is at an all time low, life expectancy have increased, and lower homicidal rates. 7. Recent media reports have suggested that medications may provoke suicidal behavior, particularly in adolescents. As a precautionary step, the FDA issued a public health advisory warning doctors to watch patients closely for worsening depression when medication is first prescribed. What does the data show about the effects of medication and suicide? Studies have shown that while taking psychotropic medication to treat depression, in the first months that adolescents have much higher risk for thinking suicidal as well as attempts. 8. Once a patient begins medication for depression, when is that patient at the highest risk for suicidal ideation and behavior? Once a patient begins medication for depression, he or she is at the highest risk for suicidal ideation and behavior in their first month of using the drug, especially in the first 9 days. 9. Based on the readings, what is your opinion on the use of medication to help control depression and reduce the risk of suicide? I do not and will not ever trust the pharmaceutical companies or doctors. I believe in homeopathic alternatives for healing. Medication should be use only as a last resort.

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