Oedipus Mayor

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After watching Oedipus Mayor, I had mixed feelings. First of all, it was interesting to see how a classical Greek tragedy about Oedipus was transformed into a modern Columbian society. The movie allows one to understand that such issues that were brought up by Sophocles could be still found in contemporary society. Nevertheless, it is also possible to say that the film has made me feel quite sad and surprised to discovered at the end of the film that Luis was his father and he got his mother pregnant. He was both, son and killer of his father. He learned that his parents attempted to get rid of him, but Fate came out victorious in the end. The film displays that fate cannot be altered. Instead of claiming one victim, many were ruined.

Notably, the setting of the film, which brings the viewers into the Colombian civil war, does not play an essential role. Undoubtedly, it supports the development of the plot, but apart from that, it does not hinder the film in any way. I think that by using such setting, the creators of the film wanted to address the issue of civil wars in Columbia, problems of poverty, drug abuse, and a state of chaos, in the country.

I have read and seen several other tragedies, including Hamlet, Othello and The Death of Salesman. I believe that Oedipus Mayor can be compared to Hamlet, even though both of these tragedies have different plots. However, the main characters share very similar qualities of being tragic heroes.Both Oedipus and Hamlet have a certain flaw which is the cause of the downfall or the problems that is displayed. They face great struggles with death. Both Hamlet and Oedipus seek out the killer of his father in order for justice to be served. They face mass turmoil amongst family relationships and the inner problems.

In conclusion, it is essential to say that Oedipus Mayor is a great interpretation of the classic Greek tragedy. The film allows the viewers to understand the message through magnificent dialogs and acting, which is why I would advise my friend to watch this film.

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