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Michelle Obama once said, “If proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American dream.” This quote explains that anyone in the country can live their American dream as long as they are doing what they love. In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck tells the story of two men who travel together during the Great Depression. Steinbeck explores the major theme of the hard work that is needed to achieve the American dream and the loss of hope that happens when a person’s dream dies.

In the novel, George tells about his dream of owning his own home so that he would no longer need to depend on others. In the novel, he said “there wouldn’t be no more runnin’ around the country and gettin’ fed by a jap cook. No, sir we’d have our own place where we belonged and not sleep in no bunkhouse.” (Steinbeck, 57) This shows that he is tired of traveling from place to place with nothing of his own and he just wants to have his own place. He rambles on about how he would not have to work so hard. He is tired of working for someone else and he wants to do things that benefit him. In the novel George declares “if we don’t like a guy we can say,’get the hell out,’ and by god, he’s got to do it.” (Steinbeck, 57) The quote tells that he wants to be in control of his own life and wants others to respect him.

On the other hand, Lennie has his own version of the American dream. He wants to raise rabbits and live off the land. He wants to be constantly reminded of it and he can’t stop thinking about it. Lennie thinks his dream is going to be great and good. That is until the dream never happens. “We could live offa’ the fatty the land”. (Steinbeck 57) This shows that he truly believes that they could live off and everything it offers. But what he didn’t realize is that the American dream is never going to happen for him. “You let um try to get the rabbits. I’ll break their Goddamn necks.” ( Steinbeck 58) This explains how much Lennie cares about animals, especially rabbits, and how he would do anything to protect them. Lennie has a very open imagination and wants things ro go well so badly, but sadly he can’t always get what he wants.

Lennie and George have had some great times together and have had plenty of talks about what their American dreams would be like, but their dreams failed. I believe that anybody in this country can have a chance at their American dream. They should have hope in themselves. They should take a shot at doing what they love. Even when other people say it is unreachable or you are incapable of achieving it. Everybody has a dream, but for some, it takes longer to find that dream. But when you find it make sure you never let go of that dream. Make your American Dream happen! 

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