Michelle Obama is a Strong Woman

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 She is a well known person from the helpful decisions she has made. She has done good things for people during the 8 years in office. Married to a president comes with a lot of responsibilities, and having her life buried in economics. 

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“Michelle Obama is a Strong Woman”

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Michelle and her brother grew up on the southside of her great-aunts bungalow with her parents. They lived with very little money and had to make the most of what they had. Their house was split by paneling for room spacing. Her mother stayed home to tend to the kids but soon found a job as a secretary when the kids were older. During school Michelle had to travel three hours by bus and train each day just to reach school. She attended to Chicago public school with excellent grades throughout her years of attending. The good grades she achieved earned her a spot in Whitney M. Young Magnet School were gifted kids attend. She avoided sports because of stereotypes, but still was involved in school activities. Soon Michelle graduated from Harvard in 1988. She took a job with the prestigious Chicago law firm of Sidley and Austin. Her job was to handle copyright and trademark cases. Although she had a decent paycheck, her job was not the most exciting job. Long before she went through two devastating losses, her father died from many sclerosis and a very close friend who died from cancer. These incidents only made Michelle realize how precious life was and want to work harder. Michelle’s hard work got her where she is now and didn’t stop when the tough time’s came. (Abbey, 2009).

In 1988 Michelle Obama was advise Barack at Sidley and Austin. In her mind she was thinking it wouldn’t be appropriate to date coworkers.”I was more focused on my plan” (Michelle, 1988). Obama was trying to focus on school and not allow any relationship. Barck kept asking so Michelle finally gave in and allowed herself to have a date. It turned out they both had lots of qualities in common such as hard work, respect, and truthfulness. Michelle and Barack had many similar qualities and they eventually happily married. (Abbey, 2009)

After Michelle married Barack on October 18,1992 they had their first child Malia Ann who loved to play soccer and tennis. Michelle called her “focus” (Michelle,1998). Malia has taken dance, drama, and piano lessons. Three years later Michelle and Barack had their second child named Natasha. Michelle called her “ham” (Michelle, 2001). Like her father she loved to play basketball. She also does gymnastics, tennis, piano lessons, and tap dance. She didn’t know if she should be a stay home working mother or just take care of two daughters. Michelle was interviewed for a job at the University of Chicago Hospitals in 2002, but she couldn’t find a babysitter for her new baby daughter so she brought her in a stroller. In 2004 Barack Obama was elected U.S. Senate. This job takes a lot of work and little time to stay home so the Obamas made a decision that Michelle and the girls would stay in Chicago while Barack would work. Even though Barack was gone most of the week he still came home Thursday through Sunday to visit the girls and do family activities. Michelle is proud of her girls and loves her family even if Barack’s away. (Abbey, 2009)

Michelle had a job in the major’s office. Her job involved helping develop programs for the community. These programs really helped raise money for the city and low income families. Michelle also helped kids with after school activities. She promoted immunizations by coordinating with mobile health facilities. (Abbey, 2009)

Michelle created a program called “Lets Move”, that encourages kids to get out of the house, get exercise and be healthier. She made a garden full of fruits and vegetables outside of the white house.”Fitness has become even more important as I’ve had children,because I’m also thinking about how I’m modeling health to my daughters”(Michelle, 2001). While doing so, she showed Scholastic News Kid Reporters why it is important to stay healthy by eating more fruits and vegetables. (A chat with the first lady, 2016) Michelle tries to work out at least four times a week. She tries to show her two daughters why it’s important to stay healthy and to have habbet to get exercise. While in office Michelle fighted to make schools provide healthier food to the kids witch didn’t allow high calories food. She also made everything whole wheat and sugar free. This act didn’t really solve anything but instead caused more problems like kids wasting the fruits and vegetables or just not eating at all.Michelles movement didn’t work the way she expected it to do but she got her point across to be more healthier. (First lady Michelle Obama, 2014)

Michelle helped many people in America. Her hard work got her the job of her dreams and loving husband and kids. She devoted her life to helping others. Michelle demonstrates that no matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, anything is possible with determination and hard work.


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