My Strong Opinion on Steroids

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I am writing a persuasive essay about my strong opinion on steroids. I think they should be allowed in sports at all levels. Although there will be a few downfalls, I believe there will be many great benefits to the people and the sport. It will give people the ability to catch up to other fellow athletes. It will also make the sports much more competitive. I think it will be a nice upgrade to sports and society, as a whole.

Steroids are not as dangerous as people say that they are. They can actually have many benefits. Anabolic steroids are used for some medical conditions. (Kathleen Davis, FNP.) Anabolic steroids, the most common kind, are often prescribed by doctors, for many health conditions. They trigger many natural things in the body. A big one being testosterone. Doctors can prescribe these to boost the testosterone inside the body.

Steroids can cause health issues, such as enlarged heart and things like high blood pressure. But if you take too much of or misuse anything, it can have harmful effects on your body. People can even drink too much water and die. If taken safely, they have many benefits that can make you a better athlete and even healthier. They do not include stimulants, such as caffeine, in them. Caffeine is one of the bigger problems, when it come to the fitness world. I know from personal experience. Caffeine has put me in the hospital before. I think steroids should be allowed in sports, at all levels, if used safely. They are not as harmful as people make them out to be.

Steroids should be allowed in sports, at all levels. Steroids do enhance athletic performance, what is wrong with that? Many might see it as cheating, that really is not the case. These are not just a drug you can take and magically get Hulk- sized. You have to workout and eat right, with them. Just like any other workout supplement. I really do not consider these any more potent as creatine, a workout supplement available over the counter in many stores.

Creatine can be abused, such as steroids. I think this is much like the cigarette and marijuana deal. They are very similar, it is just product control. The government knows one will drive the other out of business. They are very similar products, steroids effects are just more rapid than creatine. People will want this muscle growth faster, so they will choose the steroids. It will also drive many of the branch supplements, such as BCAAs, Glutamine, Whey Protein, etc. That is just my opinion. Just like marijuana would be a substitute for things such as smoking and vaping. It is a product of similar effects.

Sports are already full of giants. I do not think introducing a supplement to help people grow muscle mass, will effect much of anything. It may add 10 or 20 pounds and some strength on athletes, but it is not going to make someone so big that they can't be stopped. I can recall some steroid abusers in sports that were not very good, such as Laron Landry, an NFL defensive back. Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, a professional bike rider and an MLB all- star, were also accused of steroids. But they were great athletes before and after the accusations of steroid abuse. Then, there are amazing athletes, such as LeBron James and Calvin Johnson, who are giant and fast and have never touched a steroid in their life. I could do steroids for the next 20 years and be nowhere near the size or have the same athletic ability as them. I could be big, but nowhere near them, in any way.

HGH is the only steroid with a slight chance of making you grow taller. It generally has to be taken at a young age, for this effect.

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