President Barack Obama’s Legacy

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Obama's Legacy

Obama's presidency has most definitely changed the United States' domestic policy for the better. And has also had a positive impact on foreign policy despite unpopular belief. Since Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2008, he has changed domestic policy by implementing the Affordable Healthcare Act and enacting Immigration reforms. These changes have improved health care coverage and encouraged established immigrants to stay in the United States. President Obama has affected foreign policy through his efforts to shut down Guantanamo Bay and release international dissidents.

Obama is known for his new health care policy, the Affordable Healthcare Act, which is also known as "Obamacare". The Affordable Care Act has definitely made a large impact on domestic policy, and has also changed the role of health care in the United States. By January 2015, Gallup Poll has shown that the number of uninsured Americans has dropped by 4.2% since Obama's policy was enacted. Also, of those who have said they still don't have Before Obama implemented his Affordable Care Act, nobody was required to have health insurance. Now that the domestic policy on Health care has been changed, one is required to have Health care or else they will be fined 2% of their yearly income. This is a change in domestic policy that has sparked an increase in covered Americans.

The Immigration policy in America has been newly implemented as of 2015, but Obama's support of hispanic immigrants over the past few years has caused organizations to spring up that assist immigrants as much as his new policy does. Obama's new policy has projected high socioeconomic gains for immigrants living in the United States. In fact DACA, an organization that helps Latinos establish life in America, has already recorded an impressive 45% increase in job earnings. They have also experienced 59% increase in employment, along with a 21% increase in obtaining health care. Obama's impact on domestic policies, such as immigration, is making a great difference in the lives of those who live in America.

President Obama has affected foreign policy positively through his efforts to shut down Guantanamo bay and by keeping his promise to work for the release of international dissidents. Obama has been working toward his goal of shutting the prison down by releasing prisoners from Guantanamo bay. 110 prisoners have been released under president Obama, and more are scheduled to be released, putting the prison well on it's way to an end. Obama has also kept his promise to help international dissidents. Under his power, Obama has released dissidents such as Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma. Director of east asian foreign policy, Alan D. Romberg, has stated that "the dramatic turnaround in Burma has a lot to do with the United States." Obama's changes in foreign policy are resulting in the freedom of innocent people all around the globe.

Some argue that Obama has had a negative effect on both foreign and domestic policies because he is releasing potentially dangerous prisoners, breaking constitutional rights with Obamacare, and has made promises to Iraqi refugees that he could not keep. Guantanamo bay has sparked many violent acts around the world and members of the CIA and Congress have stated that the release of Guantanamo prisoners is "insane" and will have detrimental consequences. Obama promised that he would provide $2 billion in aid to Iraqi refugees as well as create an international group to assist them and has done neither, forcing suffering Iraqi refugees to rehabilitate themselves without an international group and only 1/12 of the promised money. It is also often argued that the Affordable care act is unconstitutional because it requires every human being to buy health insurance, for the benefit of medicare and not the citizen. Many argue that this "tax" implemented by Obama's act will result in a whole new level of tax fraud.

Although it is argued that Obama has had a negative effect on American policy, it is undeniable that there have been more benefits than downfalls. Although many say that it is dangerous to release Guantanamo bay prisoners, it is unjust to keep untried, innocent victims locked up their release is an act of justice. And although Iraqi refugees have not gotten all the money they were promised or the international group to help them, the United States has led efforts to assist the displaced refugees. Lastly, although many say that forcing one to buy insurance is legal, it is a proven fact that the number of insured citizens has skyrocketed, resulting in a more balanced health care system. Obama's work towards improving life for the inhabitants of America as well as serving justice internationally has resulted in benefits both from his domestic and foreign policies.

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