Finals Words from Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama was the First Lady who gave this speech at the end of her term. The speech took place in the White House with high school councilors from across the country standing behind her and sitting in the audience. The purpose of her speech was to talk about her accomplishments and hope for the future. It was also to make sure that High School students persuade higher eduction after there 4 years and move onto college. As First Lady Obama has established herself as an inspirational speaker in this specific case, Michelle Obama effectively convinces her audience of the improvement of education and hope for the future thought her simple but powerful and passionate language and delivery.

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“Finals Words from Michelle Obama”

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Michelle Obama has had many successes as her time as First Lady. She talks about all the school councilors who have helped these kids achieve their goals. One reason Michelle Obama has had good success is because she made a program called Reach Higher back in 2014. She took this idea to make education cool so there was more success in the country. Then she also made College Signing Day a national event. They made it a national event because they wanted the spotlight on the kids who work hard in school and in their sports to show how determined these kids are for what they do. Then close to the end of her term they made Better Make Room which was a social media campaign that showed and helped young people with support and inspiration to complete their education and keep it going into college. She also helped by making a College Scorecard which helps students make good decisions about higher education. She talks about the administration and how they have helped the kids make higher education more affordable, such as doubled investments in Pell grants, college tax credits, expanded income-based loan repayments, and making it easier to apply for financial aid. (Reilly, Katie)

Michelle Obama talks about her personal life as well in the speech she gave. She talks about how her family started off with very little to begin with. But in the end if you do hard work and have a good education anything is possible. She talks about how her husband and her had struggled and talks about how they wanted to give up and that no matter the obstacle they encounter they pushed though them. They had the power of hope to help them through it. “The belief that something better is always possible if you’re willing to work for it and fight for it.” During this time of her speech she seemed to get very emotional talking about her life before becoming the First Lady which makes the people standing around her more emotional and believe that what she says is true.

Another way she show great emotion thought out the speech is using simple language so everyone would understand. When she was talking about the campaigns she made as First Lady it was easy to understand what the intent of them all were, who helped her and what the goal of the campaign was. She made a joke about her music career with Jay about getting knowledge and going to college so the students would want to keep going though there learning carriers. then she ends the speech by thanking everyone in the audience and the councilors who have done everything for the kids and country.

Michelle Obama talks a lot about hope and how we should be hopeful no matter the outcome and if we should fight though the pain to get to succeeding. She also talks about how you should be prepared to add your voice and to be informed and engaged as a citizen and to stand up and be proud to be an American. She also talks about not to be afraid. “Don’t be afraid to lead by example with hope and to leave fear because she will always be with you and rooting for you as well as working to support you for the rest of her life.” (Reilly, Katie) Which means that even if she isn’t First Lady anymore she still gonna work hard on the projects so other generations can succeed in school like she did when she was First Lady.

Overall, I feel that Michelle Obama’s point in the to not give up and to keep hoping for the best outcome no matter how hard is it to keep pushing though the tough times. I really enjoyed watching the speech and hearing her talk about all of the success she had as First Lady.

The speech as a whole really moved people to be more successful in school and with the project she worked on it showed that it worked. I read the speech while watching the video and loved how it all flowed together. Nothing that Michelle Obama said didn’t have a reasoning behind it or a purpose. I loved how she made the speech emotional by bringing in personal stories about her family and her father to show the people that it will all come into play if you just don’t give up. The way she repeated words made it seem like she believes in the generation before her when the speech was giving and that no matter what roads you go down they will always end in success. Michelle Obama made this speech easy for everyone to understand and comprehend her message of not giving up and to not be afraid to do the wrong and keep trying. She mentioned how she couldn’t do it without the people standing before her and making success for the students happen.

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