Strong Characters Zo in Fear and Hazel in Raymond’s Run

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Today I will be talking about why both charter Zo from “Fear” and Hazel from “Raymond’s Run” are strong characters because they both protect themself and others they both never give up and both of them want to protect someone. When i first started reading these stories I thought there were both weak characters because they gave up but now i don't adn what i am about to tell you is why they are both strong not weak. And after I read the stories they completely changed from weak(ish) characters into very strong characters protecting them self and other people. The first reason they are strong characters is they both protect themselves because Zo never let the people in to his home even though he was threatening him.

Another example of them both being strong characters is Hazel standing up for raymond when he was being bullied by grechond. My final reason is they both stayed up when they were knocked down because Zo is being pressured into opening the door and Hazel is being pressured into losing but they both did not give up and lose to someone they protected themselves. In the text for Fear it says on page 2 “in another second he could turn the lock and the intruders would come in” But he did not do that he stood his ground protecting himself and being strong.

My second reason that Zo and Hazel are strong characters is they both never give up and my first example is Hazel almost lost the race but she was still hoping and not giving up that she was going to win and she did. My second example is Zo never gave up on trying to persuade the intruders into leaving and going to another house he stayed and talked to them instead of hiding in a closet and letting them in my final example is they where both in a stuwation where they could of given up but they did not they kept going and they never gave up. In Raymond’s Run pg 5 it says “shes overshot the finish line to” but after that she kept hopeing that she would win and that proves that she will never give up.

Also for the third reason that the charicters are strong is that they protect things on reason that they protect others are Zo was trying to protect his stuff from the intudetrs hes still trying to protect something thats probley his mothers most prized poseshin like a vase andother reason that they protect things is Hazel protecting raymond from the bullys, in the text of Fear on pg 3 “ill call the cops and tell them that a bunch of losers are trying to rob us” that proves that he is trying to protect his stuff because he is saying that he will call the cops so they cant rob him and steal his mothers prized posetions.

Finaly Hazel and Zo are both strong charicters because they protect themselfs they never give up and they protect other things. They both do so many things for other people and they are both very strong charicters before I read this i thought that it whould be just anther story but after i read them it totily changed me i was always scared but these storys tought me how to stad up for myslf and not be a scardy can but i recamend you to read Fear by Terry Truman and Raymond’s Run by Toni Cade Bambara and learn something to dont be afraid to do things just do it and be happy well I hape you liked it. 

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