Looking at the Sunset

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“Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven”(Lubbock). A sunset is one of the most incredible moments in a day. It is the time when the sun goes down in the skyline making a delightful view that even the most powerful words aren’t sufficient to depict its beauty. However, at some special places a sunset is like a painting of mother nature protecting and guarding the earth.

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“Looking at the Sunset”

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As I walk down to the pier and look out at the sky, I finally felt relaxed gazing into the wonderful act of nature. As I shut my eyes, I could hear the soothing sound of the waves brushing again the stones. I felt the beams of the sun begin to warm up my face and arms, so I gradually begin to feeling the sweat falling from my skin. I feel a slight breeze that brushes against my skin, but I do not mind because the breeze felt so cold on my warm skin. The taste of salt lingers on my tongue from the breeze, but it does not bother me. Everything seems so calm.

I open my eyes to an intense assortment of colors, The sky changed from yellow and orange to pink and purple progressing from day to night. The ocean water is currently reflecting the sky. There is a small boat in the distance, that is in the pathway of the sun, resembles the sun is sitting over it like a saucer. Out in the water, I see a few birds that are outlines against the orange-kissed sky. They were calling to one another in that delightful way they do, and the chirping gently pushing the sluggishness from my mind, so my thoughts begin to dance to the melody. Just moments back they would have pale against a blue sky, yet the sundown was processing and soon they would be lost in darkness, perching with head tucked under wing until day break. I will always remember this unforgettable scene in front of me.

For the next hour, I just stand there and stare at the sun setting. I begin to feel relaxed and calm. I feel like time is passing by so slow and i’m loving every minute of it. I feel like every one of my problems are small compared with this enormous ocean before me, and each problem is being washed at any rate by the waves, and in that very moment I feel at peace with my life.

As the day closes to an end, I look out into the horizon, and the sun has relatively set now and simply; the tip is left to vanish shyly descending, quietly, gradually trying to hide into the water. Once the sun totally vanished into the water, I begin to walk gradually back towards the car, and still thinking about the exquisite scenery, all things considered, and realizing that I can’t simply come and get this day all the time yet I appreciate each and every piece of it.

A sunset is one of the most beautiful creations. To me, a sunset paints a thousand words; It is a beautiful image to watch to close a day. When it closes a new day forms with new opportunities and hope to bring forth a better and brighter day. “Sunset are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully”(Butler).     

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