The Ocean is the Largest Body of Water

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The water was gentle as the waves waded through it, the sunset like orang mango and spicy red paints on the light and brittle canvas. The water was calm and soft relaxing gentle as the gentle water hits the itty bitty tickly toes. The water was so heavily , with enough force to destroy the land but then, the most innocent faces were the most ferocious thing to see . With tears of excitement scroll down her face, all she could do nothing but sit on the sandy shores and reminiscing over the horizon on the boardwalk.

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“The Ocean is the Largest Body of Water”

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The deep blue waves of the African blue crept towards the warm and loosen sand. Behind those supernatural waves was something even more astonishing , exotic ecstatic and breath-taking. The sunset, beautiful seashells laying on the sand, lavender, purple , and a fiery red orange blended together to create a sight so astounding view it swept her off her feet as it washed all her worries away just like the waves creeping over seashells and stealing them in a matter of minutes. The vast ocean in front of her was the ocean where is the place to escape and get away from life . Nothing could ever take that feeling away. There were days when the waves would feel alive at night , moving slowly as the crest breaks.

The tide would draw a breath and hung deeply along the sand , stretching itself thin until it was an inch from her nose. And then the wind blows within the ocean. The ocean was something everybody loved, enjoyed, respected. She understood its beauty and it’s nature disaster. The way the sun glimmer off the rippling water, It was its natural light that was warped in the deviant , glassy waves. No description can truly compare to it’s mysterious majesty yet only a few words can describes its most astonishing beauty. Though the lettering was no doubt clearly painted, it was distorted to the point if illegibility by the water above. The fluffy blue sky above, sharp underfoot and the clouds caressed with reflected light. The resembling waves are a drumbeat that echoes from ear to ear . The breeze blows the rigidity right out of her bones and all the while the birds are above,the bright ocean salty updrafts. The ocean shores lie stiff on , the rocky outcrops a torn piece of paper where she meet the rushing waves. The shore is everything she could ever dream of once every sense bombarded in a way that brings happiness. Her eyes open there is every shade of blue before her , every shade of dirty white to a crispy brown and dirty grey on her feet.

“Like a baby crawling to its mother, the waves roll back and forth from the gritty shore”. The small wet, rocks that lined the beached shimmer in the lingering light of sunset. The water was almost still, small waves occasionally hitting the beach with little force. As she reached down to pick one up, running her thumbs through the soft and exotic sand. It was perfectly round, with no sharp edges or jagged curve. As time proceeded endlessly as she sit there amongst the saline water . The water is flaming hot as it crashes vigorously against the rough and , golden sand, as it demolish all to be seen. The warmth sun glistens elegantly in the light turquoise blue sky as clouds cascade to and fro. A white blanket of froth forms as the tide gradually approaches the shore.

“Humanity is made up of people like the ocean is made up of drops. As the ocean pounds on the shoreline, humanity pounds on fragile ecosystems”. The ocean was as still as a log , the surface was barely a placid ripple, breaking the sunlight into a mosaic of the bright colors. Not too far from the unmoving prow came a pod of orca, breaking the surface with their black dorsal fins as the water pull her in She could do is move under their own steam. The ship sail hung like a missle toe waiting to be kissed , but no wind came. The ocean that had provided for us all of our lives became savage that night. Its customary genial waves that bob the fishing fleet were magnified beyond anything in living memory, even for the old ‘sea dogs.’

They rose not six feet or twelve, but twenty-five and came crashing into our brightly painted wooden seafront buildings like they were dolls-houses. From the hillside we watched, as ashen as the fish we haul daily. There was no blue water at all, only white and the wind drove it over the sea defenses as easily as a child spilling milk. The waves were loud under the howl of the wind; the salty air we usually relish burned at our lungs and watered our eyes. Through thick tears, her mind rejected where she could plainly see before us. Everything was splintered, there wasn’t a single boat or dwelling that was repairable. She was an orphans of the storm, refugees in her own town. Without any homes to go to we were one big family with all the benefits and problems that brings.

The ocean. Calm and gentle. Subtle and sweet. Should we revere or fear it? Loud as a tiger. As dangerous as a cheetah . It can take lives without them even realizing it. Creating lives for millions. Should we fear it? Unruffled and tender. Be careful or it’ll will you to sleep like a baby . It teases her every nerve to just swan dive into the oblivion it makes itself out to be. Her heart pumps frantically at its rhythms slapping at the hem of her nose. Salt. It cleans and infects. It infected you and now you walk not by sight but by the footprint of love stapled to the scent of its salty fluid trickling down your cheeks. The Pacific Ocean at daybreak was indeed a sight for sore eyes. The sun peeked above the horizon, causing red and orange streaks to cut into the awakening sky. The sea was clothed in a million glimmering stars that twinkled whenever the next wave came.

The sunny blue sky was everywhere, it covered the ocean’s surface and, skipping the sunrise, traveling up into the sky for as far as the eye could see. In the middle of the ocean sat a little duck , out of place in the endless blue sky , like a brown coconut sitting next to a palm tree on an artist’s canvas. It had three small sails men and a little boat in the center of the ocean ; a steel rail ran around the edge of the deck. A girl stood at the rail, gripping it with both hands while she closed her eyes and tilted her head back to catch the sun energy and warmth of the sunny breeze hitting her face. Her coconut hair flowed freely through the wind around her face, and a slight smile curved her lips. She had the appearance of someone completely at peace, without a care in the world. 

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