The Happiest Place on Earth

Peace, composure, contentment are a mixture of words that describe the feeling of overwhelm when I’m at the beach. My favorite place to go for vacation. The calming sound of the waves when you are sleeping or watching the sunset is the best feeling in the world. The grainy, white colored sand under your feet, the warmth of the bright, yellow, shining sun hitting your skin and reflecting in the water. Knowing that if you get too hot, the salty water of the ocean cools you down, helping with relief of the blistering hot sun. Floating in the ocean just to feel like a part of it. Listening to the calming sounds of the underwater and knowing the effect of its disconnection to the problems of the world. Comforted by the sounds of the ocean, the rhythmic pounding of the waves crashing into the shore, taking all the worries away.

The beach isn’t only a place to get away and relax but it is also a place where you go to enjoy the beauty of it. Although paintings and pictures may show part of its beauty they can never capture the beauty that the beach holds. The colorfulness of the water as you swim further and further from the shore, the bright green, tall trees surrounding the roads, the different types of marine life in the ocean exploring their home. Light green, blue, dark blue, and indigo: these colors can only pass the rich colors of the water. If you spend some time watching you will quickly realize that each wave not only has different colors, heights and appearance but they also have a different mood. The sky is blue. Rare clouds are found making the sky seem endless, like a perfectly done painting. The beautiful orange, yellow and pink colors all over the sky begin to show as the sun starts to hit the water. The ocean water now mirroring the colors of it, making it all seem as one. Putting your feet in the water and immediately feeling drawn inside the liquidy, now dark colored sand pulling them in as if it is someone doing it and not nature. Going in to where the water hits your knees and finding white and black colored shells. The light wind hitting your hair, making it fly all over the place, and whispering in your ear as if it telling its deepest darkest secrets.

The happiest place on earth. People laughing everywhere. Many going on long walks at night stopping on their way to restaurants, enjoying the breathtaking view of it as well as spending times with their families. Teenage girls trying to show off their golden looking tan by making their parents become professional photographers. Once you experience the feeling of building sand castles with your siblings to prove whos is better and connecting with one another after a while you’ll never want to leave. Seeing young teenagers rolling in the grainy sand while their parents are burning with rage and worrying as the sun’s hitting their skin causing deep red sunburns that keep them awake at night. Beach shops prepare for their day of excited customers busting in and out of their small seafront shops. Opening their doors as they bring out all of their beach products. Looking out the sea, you can see the large cruise ships on the world’s edge. It’s crazy to think how clear and blue the ocean is during the day and how dark it happens to be at night. It’s as if it changes colors making it seem like everything is black. Everything that is hidden by the absolute darkness at night becomes visible during the day. At night it’s completely empty. Only the rhythmic sounds are what disturb the silence. The waves are low and the dim light of the yellow shining stars and the moon create reflections in the water.

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