Edvard Munch is Author of the Scream Painting

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Edvard Munch, 1896, Tempera and casein on cardboard, located in National Gallery and Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. Munch’s art peace was originally called Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature). This art peace was made because Munch on a sunset walk outside suddenly the sun changed the way the sky looked, it was “a blood red”. Much thought about how that moment was an “infinite scream passing through nature”. Munch is his art peace made the fore ground figure become distorted to show that flow of nature. In the paining there is also other people in the background and it allows you to focus your attention of the character in the center of the painting that is showing a “screaming” emotion. Much in the textbooks says that “…the sky was like blood sliced with strips of fire..” he describes the sky to be vibrating with motion and made sure he used horror to describe the “scream” that he heard and felt through nature. Munch used swirling and unstable lines in this painting. The character that he crated on the foreground is covering its ears to block the piercing sound but he also crated him with the head of death and with an unsteady body movement. The two people in the back ground he made them unaffected to what was going on.

In Edvard Munch’s painting he is using the theme of the natural world. His purpose for this painting is to express something that he felt during a sunset on a walk outside. His art is a personal experience and he shared what he was feeling at the moment of that “scream”. 

Sculptures have always been beautiful to me because it can have such a close relation to our human experiences. A lot of the art that has to do with oil on a canvas captures my attention now and makes me want to try to paint on a small canvas. I believe that with out art we lose one of our main attributes that makes us who we are. With out art we could not express our feelings and emotions and share it to others to help people relate. 

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