Leadership Qualities of Indra Nooyi

Leadership is one of the crucial attributes that any manager requires in order to lead an organization. Companies always promote individuals who are showing positive results and the manager should be in a person to perform the greater tasks of the company. Although some leadership skills are gained with time, a talented true leader will actually be able to gain all that is needed for a true leader. In this discussion, I am going to talk about the leadership qualities of PepsiCo’s CEO Indra Nooyi who falls under the top 50 Forbe’s World’s most powerful women. As a leader, she has the common leadership traits that a good leader should poses such as courageous, intelligent and industrious. These are just but a few leadership qualities that she possess because as a leader who is managing over 198,000 employees, she is required to have more than that (Ignatius, 2015). Below are the three major leadership qualities that is going to be discussed

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“Leadership Qualities of Indra Nooyi”

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Any CEO will always be respected by the employees if they are able to speak up and defend the ideas that they have and believe on. This is one of the traits that have helped her in leading the company in that she is able to believe and stand firm on the ideas that she believes will help in propelling the company to greater heights. As an individual, she has the courage and confidence in making decisions which she is ready to let people be aware of. For instance, one of her interviews, she asserts thatif we have courageous people who are able to stand up for their own ideas and values, then most companies and societies will be in a better position. It is believed that people who are able to stand up for what they believe in in most cases make up great leaders and they are able to make the important decisions for companies (Morris, 2008).


Leaders should possess high intelligence which is important in helping them to manage their emotions and those who are around them. It is important in that help the leaders with the capacity of managing relationships, influence others, traverse through social networks, and inspire others. She has been described as one of the leaders with high emotional intelligence. She uses her intelligence to hook the employees emotionally to their job through the company’s business model and what it stands for. She has a keen business sense where she employs a moral compass in her operations. She is very much aware of her actions and she is of the opinion that the way a company’s CEO projects himself/herself will set the mood for the entire company (Brady, 2007).

Her intelligence has also helped her greatly on how she interacts with her employees. She handles them with respect and this is important in that it makes the employee to feel that they are valued in their work areas. Her emotional intelligence has also been of great importance in that it helps in fostering a safe environment where the employees have the feeling of comfort in taking calculated risks as well as to voice their opinions. Emotional intelligence also helps leaders not to take things in a personal manner and they are able to forge ahead with plans without worrying about the impact on their egos (Brady, 2007).


Indra Nooyi can be described as an industrious woman due to the fact that she has been able to build Pepsi as a company. She is diligent in that she is always showing up at the office in order to help the company in meeting its goals and pay attention to all the details that are of great importance to the company. She is committed to the work that she is doing and this is important in that it help in sending out a message to employees that they should be ready to get their hands dirty (Morris, 2008). Her industrials nature has helped in creating a loyal task force who are hardworking hence helping her to complete most of the projects that she has devoted herself in doing. She is always working hard in order to bring in new ideas on how some tasks can be completed as well as reducing monotony among the workers. She takes her time to analyse the prevailing challenges and this is important in that it helps her in coming up with decisions which are able to spur the company to greater heights.


The leadership skill which is being demonstrated by Nooyi is good for the upcoming leaders who can learn a lot from her. It has been realized that most of the current leaders are not able to stand up on what they believe on. Nooyi encourages the future leaders that they should be able to make firm decisions if they are to take the company’s that they are leading to greater heights. In addition, they should also be able to control their emotions while dealing with employees. This is important in that it will create a good environment for executing work. The leaders should be hardworking and always available when they are required.


Brady, D. (2007). Indra Nooyi: Keeping Cool In Hot Water.? Business Week. Ignatius, A. (2015). How Indra Nooyi turned design thinking into strategy. Morris, B. (2008). What Makes Pepsi Great? An exclusive inside look at how Indra Nooyi has transformed an American business icon.? Fortune international,? 157(4), 42.

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