Leadership Types Categorized by Leadership Style

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Leaders direct and guide followers in the organization, whereas followership, is one’s ability to follow and methodically execute tasks as they are instructed on the part of the subordinate. However, both responsibilities are critical to the success of the organization. From that, servant leadership is simply about setting examples. The main goal is to put the need of others before one’s self to facilitate high performance among followers. Servant Leadership and Followership are the subjects of several studies. Considering the similarities and differences, followership and servant leadership can be simply two perspectives on the same characteristics.

Servant leadership and followership are closely intertwined. Effective followers can shape productive leadership behavior just as effective leaders develop subordinates into good followers. Plenty of similarities can be found between these two concepts. Both concepts play an important role in reaching objectives, goals, or meeting the standards of the organization. Organizational success, dependent on the actions of individuals utilizing the ideas from Servant Leadership and Followership. Before leading it’s imperative to learn how to follow. In the military, leaders still have to report to a higher rank and follow command. The West Point theory state “able leaders emerge from the ranks of able followers”. The philosophy provides a suggestion that before one steps up and takes charge, one should absolutely learn how to follow, execute tasks and orders.

After clarifying the relationship between the two elements, also consider that each entity has some specific traits. As a servant leader, good knowledge and understanding of your organization, especially its purpose, complexities, and mission are crucial. A cautious and skillful approach to better serve subordinates is important. Leading people requires a lot of sacrifices. Leaderships must insert themselves in order to help others perform and achieve their best. The most challenging entity is building trust, faith, and beliefs. As a leader, one must go through the process with valuable characteristics to connect with followers. Actions and words should clearly demonstrate concerns including placing interest and success of others first. Although, the slight difference can be the weight of each position. Going to an extreme leadership stands with more responsibilities as they are looked up to.

Followership is the ability and willingness to follow a leader, face responsibilities, and accomplish tasks. Effective followership is about adaptability, and being able to critically think in an active way. Followership is a bridge between leaders and goals. However, followers, need to be versatile, flexible, and enthusiastic facing challenges and obstacles. Competency, honesty, and loyalty are some qualities that all followers should remember at all times.

In summary followership and servant leadership are two sides of the same coin. The success of either side depends on the other. Impossible to get the work done as a group without these composite

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