Qualities of a Team Player

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Whether on the sports field, in an office, or a classroom, we are faced with all different types of people who hold different traits. Some qualities can be great, while some qualities may be frowned upon. One positive characteristic of a person is being a team player. It does not necessarily mean you are a player on a specific team, but how you are as a player and what characteristics you may possess. A team player is an important key for success in any field. Being a team player includes working as a team, showing enthusiasm, and knowing what situations you can practice being one.

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“Qualities of a Team Player”

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Working as a member of a team, and collaborating is a great path to success. this can lessen work for each individual, so no one is bombarded with work or overwhelmed with pulling their weight. Also on a team, you also have accessibility to hear others ideas and branch off them for more suggestions.. Without teamwork and hearing others, we would only have our own thoughts to expand off of. Listening to others thoughts and suggestions can produce great ideas and spark new visions for all team members. Along with this, being open to others proposals also means that your thoughts may not always be the best way, and there are always ways to collaborate multiple peoples ideas into one great thought. Working as a team together, having a balance of workload, and being open to new ideas is just one major key aspect to being a team player.

Along with working with others to produce ideas, you can also practice team player skills while remaining committed, reliable, and practicing good communication. If you are on a sports team or a work team, having poor communication will prohibit the team from becoming successful, Communication is so important and it is so crucial to know what others are doing and how. Being committed is also key because you can not consider yourself as part of a team without putting all you effort into it. Putting only half of your time and effort into something will only result poorly. Along with being reliable, considering yourself as part of a team is nearly impossible if people can not depend on you to pull your weight with teamwork. If you constantly do things late, not correctly, or do not show up often to meetings, practices, or anything in that sort, you will be looked at as an unreliable team member by your peers. Staying on top of your work and being a committed and reliable worker will improve the chance for success. Staying in touch with others and communicating will improve the skills that are required for remaining a great team player.

Staying committed to responsibility, working with others, and remaining a reliable member of a group is essential to success as an affiliation of a team. With these skills, it is possible to use them in more than one situation. Not only in a job could you be a great partner and team member, but in almost any day to day situation you face. Children who are involved in sports at a young age are experiencing teamwork and how it is like to work with many others to achieve one goal. At all ages, children and adolescents who are involved in school clubs or sports know what it means to pull their weight in a group and how one goal can be achieved by working together. Other from being a team member on a field or in a club, students can be team players in school. Whether it is a group project or a discussion, students learn how to bounce off each others ideas and hear people’s thoughts before going with their own. In group projects, students are required to do their part in a project and not let one person do the entirety of it. In a group discussion, not letting one person do all the speaking and alternatively splitting the parts between multiple people can lessen the workload on one person and show more of a positive group effort. Beside doing activities and jobs such as work, school, and sports, we can also practice our team work skills at home. Each family member may be assigned a single chore, and when all the chores are complete the goal will be reached. Some families even split the work up of taking care of an animal, so not one member is burdened with all the needs. One child can walk the dog, one child can feed the dog, and someone else can make sure the dog always has water. Examples like this are common household necessities where being a team player can be the most efficient way to complete a task.

It is always thought that team players are just players who may play on a sports team, and not members of a family, a workforce, or classroom. Exercising team player skills such as good communication, reliability, responsibility, and open mindedness will result in goal reaching and pave a path to success. In every group you consider yourself a part of, there is an opportunity to be a great team player and make yourself part of the group. Having the skills and ability to work together, express positivity, and be a team player in more than one situation is what it means to truly be part of a team.

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