Assessment of Personal Qualities Personality and Self-Concept

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Through the Personal Assessments taken over the last few weeks, I have learned some details on my strengths and weaknesses. My personality type is ‘ESTJ’ Extraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging, and I can agree with the definition fully. In my personal and professional life, I try to give 110% to everything I do. I hold everyone around me to the same standards, and all prestige must be earned. If need be, I sacrifice personal time to fulfill the needs of the company, several times finding myself losing vacation days at the year’s end. In doing so, I always try to lead by example to earn the respect of juniors and my peers, being someone that my employer can always count on in upholding the company’s mission and still doing the right thing, if anyone is watching or not.

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“Assessment of Personal Qualities Personality and Self-Concept”

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As a leader, I believe in being firm but fair with all my employees showing no favoritism, making good solid plans, and executing them. Always be the first person to jump into action if a problem arises and keeping the mindset through hard work, all goals can be achieved. In the mining industry, there are always very challenging days, but as a supervisor/leader, we must be mentally strong and step up when times are hard, no matter the situation. I always find myself standing up for employees and in my beliefs.

As far as areas of opportunities for improvement, I am finding out as a leader, everyone does not and cannot hold the same traits and abilities that I possess. I have always known this, but I have failed to understand it at times, being impatient, judgmental entirely, and even appearing harsh at times. As I stated earlier as a strength, being a workaholic is also one of my weaknesses, never taking time to get away from work to enjoy personal life. Even if I take a vacation, I still attach myself to everything that is going on throughout every day at the company.

Not that I don’t have trust in the people I have put in charge but the fact of wanting to be involved. Surprisingly, the assessment based on determining the level of burnout showed that I had little to no signs of burnout. With the Jungian evaluation, I felt I need to be a bit more careful about how I deal with the feelings of others and show more appreciation to their talents.

I feel that knowing all my strengths and weaknesses can give me an opportunity to improve both my personal life and professional life. Bettering myself, my company, and even the people around me, using the skills that I learn along the way.

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