Jazz is more than Music that Touches the Soul

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It is important to note that everyone understands that New Orleans is considered as the cradle of jazz. This is a statement that was spearheaded by Jelly Roll Morton. There was a new era that came into existence after World War I. This was considered to be an era of good times, celebration and birth of a new type of music referred to as jazz. One must be cognizant of the fact that people were so drained by the war that the only thing that they could think of was a celebration. In that case, jazz music was the answer. The origin of jazz music can be traced back to the United States in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a genre of music that began after World War I. Its immense effect could still be felt during the Great Depression. In addition to that, the creation of jazz music greatly affected the roaring twenties. This is a development that was attributed directly to the work of remarkable artists such as Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five (Ewen). Their contribution to the popularity of jazz music is something that cannot be overlooked whatsoever. Louis Armstrong was born in the year 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He played an instrumental role in the creation and development of the Jazz Age in 1920s. This was greatly attributed to his original piece of work as well as the contribution he had towards the Hot Five, a band he was part of from 1925 to 1928, doing great pieces of work with Okeh Records in Chicago. Armstrong and the Hot Five were famous for the song, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.

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“Jazz is more than Music that Touches the Soul”

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This is one of the songs that were on the forefront when it came to revolutionizing and taking jazz music from one level to another. In addition to that, this song revolutionized the music industry in the twenties because it changed the way in which people were dressing and dancing. Another song by Louis Armstrong that turned into a very big hit was West End Blues. This is a tune that was recorded on June 28, 1928, in Chicago (Kallen). This song had a lot of significance in the jazz age and early twenties because Armstrong stood out as one of the few artists that were instrumental in revamping the manner in which people not only thought of but also listened to music. Many people were so attached to jazz music in their twenties. The artists used their creativity at during the jazz era to ensure that they produced music that left people entertained and attached to music at the same time. Another musician who was at the forefront when it comes to revolutionizing the Jazz Age was Edward k. Ellington commonly referred to as Duke. He was born in 1899 in Washington D.C. One of his many hits that managed to touch the lives of many was Jubilee Stomp. This is a song that was produced in 1928 and managed to capture the hearts of many. It is important to note that this is a song that helped in revolutionizing the Jazz age bearing the fact that it had a relatively unique upbeat rhythm that greatly influenced other upcoming artists. In addition to that, it led to the development of a very unique dancing style that made the flappers of the twenties different than preceding generations. Ellington did not stop there.

He made other hits that were influential in their own nature. For instance, he came up with the song The Mooche. It is considered to be one of his greatest songs in the 1920s that was a very important part of the Jazz Age. This was based on the fact that he managed to use several instruments to come up with a unique tune that was not only captivating but also interesting to listen to. It is important to note that Ellington’s use of several musical instruments is something that was later repeated in a number of songs that were created by other upcoming jazz musicians. Another interesting musician in terms of contribution to the Jazz Age was Jelly Roll Morton. Interestingly, Jelly was also born in Louisiana and managed to gain fame after the release of his song Wolverine Blues in 1927 (Miller, Cockrell and Miller). This song managed to revolutionize the Jazz Age in a completely different way. During this age, it made people dance in a manner that hadn’t been witnessed before.

In this case, it can be attributed to have caused some sort of song and dance to revamp. Morton did not stop there. He embarked on his jazz journey by collaborating with a jazz group referred to as Red Hot Peppers. In 1926, this collaboration led to the creation of a song called The Black Bottom Stomp. This was a very important song because it was considered to be pioneering when it came to having a dance that could easily blend with it. Many people who were in love with jazz music considered this to be a very important milestone because they have always been interested in being part of the song, something that could only be easily achieved through dance.

In addition to that, this was an era where people were looking for all manner of ways in which they could actively express themselves. One must be cognizant of the fact that The Black Bottom Stomp managed to complete some of the requirements that had been put forth by listeners to be a hit in the Jazz Age and the 1920s. A final contributor to this enthusiastic group of jazz artists was James P. Johnson. This is an artist who was born in Brunswick, New Jersey in the year 1894. One of his major recordings as a well-known artist was Carolina Shout. This is a song that started gaining popularity from the moment where it was described by The Mercury News as being a finger-busting number. It stands out as a clear indication that the song was a unique masterpiece of the Jazz Age. This is attributed to the fact that it managed to challenge not only Johnson but also other artists at that time to better themselves. In addition to that, The Carolina Shout managed to challenge the ability of several artists, a development that allowed for an evolution of an era of popular jazz over a long time span (Riggs). Another song that has been held with the highest regard during the Jazz Age was The Harlem Strut. Recorded in 1921, the song had a lot of significance since it involved Johnson’s early usage of the piano. Many artists changed the way in which they were expressing themselves using jazz after in cooperation with the piano. One must be cognizant of the fact that many popular songs that have adopted the use of piano must that Johnson. Therefore, Johnson stands out as an iconic pillar who was instrumental in introducing the piano to jazz music.

Over the years, jazz music has gone through immense revolution to a point where everyone quite often comes with something new. It is an art that has managed to embrace several emotions while at the same time communicating to the audience in a relatively unique way. Jazz music has grown to a point where it has introduced the aspect of flexibility in music. Many artists have openly admitted that through jazz music, they have been able to accurately influence the lives of their listeners in a positive way. This is something that every fan is interested in receiving from their favorite artists. Pioneering jazz music has also been accredited in its role of relaxing the mind and body in unprecedented ways. Jazz music is considered to be having a relaxing effect on the brain. People who regularly listen to jazz music have openly confessed that they experienced some soothing effect as a result of the rhythms presented by the music. Jazz was taken to a completely new level when artists discovered that they could make this genre of music more enticing. It is important to note that many pioneering artists in the Jazz Age played very crucial roles in revolutionizing this genre of music. Artists such as Edward K commonly referred to as Duke, Jelly Roll Morton, Ellington, James P. Johnson, Armstrong and the Hot Five (Ulanov). These artists are considered to have played instrumental roles in not only creating but also popularizing the Jazz Age. They created the jazz music we are currently enjoying. In addition to that, this is a genre of music that could have not been around if they weren’t bold enough to venture into something new.

This is a time when classical music was at the center stage of the entertainment industry and no one thought that these group of artists could one day rise and find their space within the dynamic music industry. Another important point to take note of is inclined to the fact that the Jazz Age played a very integral part to the Roaring Twenties. This was primarily because it had managed to stand out as a relatively large influence on the manner in which the youth of that time were behaving. Secondly, it revolutionized the manner in which modern musicians were not only producing but also listen to the music that has touched the hearts of many. Jazz is a genre of music that has witnessed immense appreciation from one decade to another. As much as there are a number of artists who have mastered a lot of prowess in expressing themselves through jazz, they have managed to come up with a completely new fan base (Ulanov). A fan base that would offer some source of inspiration to the artists urging them to do even more. Therefore, when it comes to appreciation of the history of other genres of music, the history of jazz must come to the center stage considering the fact that it is more than music that touches the soul.

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