Life Without Love is Like a Body Without Soul

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While the word “value” is always used to express the monetary worth of something as a price tag, yet using the word in the context of life has a totally different meaning. By the same token, the word “life” seems to be quite simple. However, if you look at it closely, you will see that it’s a very complicated thing with various components resembling a spider web with threads intertwined into a tight tangle.
Everyone’s life is unique and is directly correlated to the choices he makes and experiences he goes through. One is the master of his own life and how valuable and meaningful his life will evolve to be depends on his actions and decisions. In my view, the most important values in life are time, succes, and love.

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“Life Without Love is Like a Body Without Soul”

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While some people are so busy that they do not have enough time to live, others are more balanced and know how to manage time across all aspects of life and are willing and able to appreciate things as they have them i.e. living life right the first time, as they live once. They enjoy living their lives to the fullest extent and make the best out of it. It is only by doing so that they would come to know what they are in love with and how good they are at it intuitively following their heart and curiosity “guts feeling” while learning from their own mistakes and sharpening their knowledge over time.

People have different perspectives on what the value of life is. In my view, however, one’s value of life not measured by how effectively he had contributed to the well-being of himself and people around him.

In the journey of success, one should keep setting up new challenges “staying foolish and hungry and thinking outside the box” to unlock the internal potential and find out what he is truly capable of doing. However, he can come across several hardships, which could at the first glance appear to be a catastrophic failure, but eventually turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him, as people tend to take a fresh look on their lives only once stroke by adversity “the bullet that does not kill you, makes you stronger”. This serves as “eye opener” for not taking the life for granted anymore. Resilience and perseverance are the “name of the game” for counteracting a setback and faith and deriving strength from loving what you are doing. Life is valued by love and family relationships. Life without love is like a body without soul, as life is nothing but a network shared with others and the sense of life is to give love, as feeling loved and cared about is a key happiness factor.

In conclusion, life should be treasured and lived to the maximum extent taking advantage of each and every experience and memory so that it is enjoyable learning and emotional journey.

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