John Milton’s Paradise Lost or Mary Shelley’s Frankstein

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Paradise Lost. Theme of lies and deception.

Paradise Lost is a story of Adam and Eve. It also explains how they were created, placed in the Paradise and how they lost their place in Paradise, the Garden of Eden. The story also explains the origin of Satan, who was originally called Lucifer. Lucifer was an angel in heaven. He led his followers to rebel against God. The war between God and Lucifer made God to throw Lucifer to hell. Lucifer was a thirst for revenge. He turned into a serpent and tempted/cheated Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In the story, the liar is the Lucifer. He cheated humankind. The aim of Lucifer cheating Eve was to revenge the war he lost against God. In this essay, I will explain how Satan used deception to revenge for the lost war. Satan and his group are in the hell. They had a palace, Pandemonium, whereby they hold their discussion on whether to go back to the battle. Then in the council, they recognize that there is a prophesied world which was created and they noticed it was the best way to execute their revenge. Satan is the center of the plans. Satan escapes from the hell. When God sees Lucifer, He perceives the fall f man, but God’s son gives Himself to die for man’s sin. Satan flows to the sun and tricks the angel to get the access to man’s home. Satan’s cunningness starts with the angel on the sun. Lucifer lies to get the way to man’s home. Lucifer knew very well he cannot be granted permission to Paradise quickly. Through his lies, he was able to get the direction to the Paradise. Gabriel and his angels deny Satan entrance into the Garden of Eden. From the Garden of Eden, Lucifer returns to the earth, and he enters the serpent. As a serpent, he goes to the Garden of Eden where he finds Eve alone. Lucifer induces Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. When Adam returns, he finds Eve and Eve seduces him to eat the fruit. Once the two eat the fruit, their eyes are opened, and they notice they are naked. After their eyes are opened, they are filled with disparity and shame which leads them to turn against each other with hostility. The God sends his son to bring justice to the world. Mercifully, God’s son delays the death. When they had sinned, God sent Michael to banish the pair from Paradise. But before they are expelled, God reveals to them the future event that is awaiting them due to their sin. Lucifer intended to destroy the relationship between God and the creation he placed in Paradise to replace Lucifer and his angels. Lucifer was sure that he cannot do anything to get the pair out of Garden of Eden far from the use of lies. He lied to them to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree so that they can anger God so that God can send them away. Satan’s rebellion against God led him to be chased from heaven. He could not hold the truth that he will be replaced by the creation that God placed in Paradise. Lucifer devised a way to trigger the two to annoy God so that they can send from Paradise and so he used a lie to get them sin against God. Satan wanted to see the pair out of Paradise, and so he used lies to get the access to paradise. When he went to paradise, he too used lies to get Adam and Eve sin against God so that they were sent out of Paradise. The story explains Adam and Eve’s exit from the Garden of Eden and the devil used lies to get them expelled from Paradise.
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