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Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial and key immigration issues in the country. Illegal immigration is the immigration of a people into a country in ways that violates the immigration laws of that country or people remain in a country without legal rights to remain. Illegal immigration involves people crossing international political borders through water, land, and air inappropriately. The United State of America is a country affected by Illegal immigration. Illegal immigration in the USA is and has been an ongoing battle for many years. Most of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. are from Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Based on certain research in 2015, estimated population of illegal immigrants are 11.5 million people in USA out of 321 million people. The effects of illegal immigration are felt more extremely in states where large numbers of immigrants have been settled in relation to others. The most of illegal immigrants come to the country to have a better future. In this paper, the various effects that illegal immigration has on the United State of America will be examined. These effects include social effects, economic effects, political effects, and environmental effects among others. Also, there are some pros and cons of illegal immigration of the United States of America. A social impact is the effect of an activity on the community and well-being of the individuals and families.

A social effect is one of the major effects of illegal immigration. There are different types of social effects of illegal immigration. These social effects are crime, social utilities, diseases, and harsh transit conditions. A crime is one of the social effect of illegal immigration. A crime is an illegal activity that is considered to be wrong or evil. These days the crimes are increasing significantly daily. Everyday there is at least one news of crime going on in USA on newspaper, television, or social media. There are all different types of people involved in different types of crime. All the illegal immigrants engage in criminal activities leads to high rate of crimes. Illegal immigrants are largely associated in some of the criminal activities like dealing with drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Also, there are some other criminal activities like stealing things, stealing of identities, and assault. Padilla served this nation with honor as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. He now faces deportation after pleading guilty to the transportation of a large amount of marijuana in his tractor-trailer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (McLeod). Most of the immigrants are involved in buying, selling, and transporting of illegal drugs.

In 1986, the governments introduced new law called immigration reform and control act of 1986 demanding employers not to hire or recruit illegal immigrants. The act of 1986 made it hard for immigrants to find a job, so illegal immigrants began to steal identification documents and social security number from US citizens to enable to get a job. In the last couple of years identity crimes are highly rated in USA. The crime rates are increasing significantly in USA, but it's not always proved that crimes are increase because of illegal immigrants. There are some illegal immigrants involve in certain crimes, but not all illegal immigrants are involved in crimes. Mostly illegal immigrants are involved in small crimes like robbery. According to these estimates, immigration increases only the incidence of robberies, while leaving unaffected all other types of crime. Since robberies represent a very minor fraction of all criminal offenses, the effect on the overall crime rate is not significantly different from zero (Paolo). There is an estimated of 15 percent illegal immigrants involved in crime than a legal resident or native-born. A native-born Americans are involved in high crimes like rape, or murder than an illegal immigrant people. Disease is one of the major social effects and health issue of illegal Immigration. Illegal immigrants bringing disease into United State is one of the most thriving health concern. There are at least one out of every five illegal immigrants bringing diseases into the country.

Immigrants bringing illness into a USA is major health concern because most of the illegal immigrants don't undergo the necessary medical testing like flu shots, pregnancy, tuberculosis, and they end up bringing illness into the country. For example, tuberculosis had been absent for a while in US and suddenly shows up in certain states such as New York, New jersey, and California. As the number of illegal immigrants increases in the United Sates, also the numerical growth of those infected by tuberculosis rises by 55 percent. Illegal immigrants bringing illness is one the major health issue for every country. Most of the time people whether its legal resident or illegal immigrants doesn't know that they have illness and they end up bringing illness into the country accidently. The most of illegal immigrants come to the country to get better future for their family. Illegal immigrants comes to the county illegal because sometime they don't have other choice or legal way to come into the county. Some people or families have to make some sudden choice depending on the situation, so most of time people doesn't have enough time to undergo the necessary medical testing. In certain situation illegal immigrants doesn't have enough time to do testing, so they wouldn't know if they have disease or not and they would end up carrying diseases with them. An economic effect is also one of the major illegal immigration effects. The numerical of growth of illegal immigrants in the United States has led to concerns about effects of illegal immigrants on financial economics and wages. Some of the economic effects are unwanted job, competition, taxes, and fraud.

There are many number of illegal immigrants in USA, who is employee of certain company or employer of their own company. Most of the adult illegal immigrants are no educated or less educated than a native-born American. An adult immigrant, who are less educated, are trying to find job in labor work. Illegal immigrants provide a huge competition to the US citizens on labor work opportunities that are available. Sometime native-born American fears from illegal immigrants because illegal immigrants are usually wiling work in labor market for less minimum wage and they are willing to work without any benefits such as insurance cover. For the most part, these spatial correlations suggested that the average native wage is only slightly lower in labor markets where immigrants tend to cluster. If one city has 10 percent more immigrants than another, the native wage in the city with more immigrants is only about 0.2 percent lower (Borjas). Mostly native-born American fear from labor job opportunities, but not for wages because most of the time there is no difference in wages for native-born American. Sometime most of the illegal immigrants doesn't pay taxes, so native-born American has to pay more higher taxes to fulfil all the social utilities like school and public transportation. Usually government has to bear the cost of illegal immigrants when they use social services. Illegal immigrants are willing to work in labor market for minimum wage and are willing to move to different locations as demanded by the labor market.

Also, they willing to work overtime, so they will end up contributing significantly to the gross products. Sometimes government might have to bear the cost of social services, but illegal immigrants are willing to work in the US economy that US citizen are not willing to work. If there is no one to work in labor then price for goods and services will increase significantly, and income of the citizens will reduce. Illegal immigration is one the major issue for every country. Each year there are around 500,000 illegal immigrants that moves to the United States. There are so many pros and cons of illegal immigration. Based on the facts illegal immigrants are involved in crimes, but not high rated crimes like native-born Americans are involved in rape or murder. Most of the illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, but they do work overtime which end up contributing for the goods. They are willing work in labor force for minimum wages that native-born Americans are not willing to work in labor. Sometime illegal immigration is needed for the better economic situations. Illegal immigration is acceptable depending on the situation of the person. If the person lives in a terrified country like North Korea, then illegal immigration is able to be tolerated.

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