The Lost Teen Boy

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As a five year old boy living in Ganesh Talai, India he got lost on a train station. He went to the train station with his brother at night. His brother said he would be back and that he could sleep on the bench. He woke up and his brother wasn't there. He boarded a train and fell asleep. He woke up and next thing he knows the train is moving and he's in the middle of nowhere. The train stopped in Calcutta where he spent 2-3 weeks living on the streets.

When he was living on the streets he couldn't get much food. He would try to steal and beg for food. One day he found a boy his age playing in the river. He became “friends” with this boy. The mom let Saroo come home with them and she fed him a proper meal. He got kicked out the next day. He was back on the streets. He went back to the train station to start begging for food. This man came up to him and said to come with him and he would feed him. He took him to his house and Saroo got properly fed. This man would bring in this lady everyday and she would ask questions like where he is from. One day he didn't feel like this man was a good guy. He got his opportunity and ran away. He was back on the streets.

He found a teenager one day on the streets. He said to come with him. Saroo did and he took him to the police. The teenager reported him as a missed child. Saroo got sent to a place for abandoned children. Weeks later he got placed in an adoption home. As he was there he made a couple friends. After he was there for only about 2 months this lady called him in and told him that if he agrees to it that he could be adopted to this family that lives in Australia. He agreed to it and 2 weeks later he found himself in Australia. As he was growing up his parents adopted another indian child. Even though it had been a long time since he got lost, it was always in the back of his head. When he got to college and discovered google earth he started playing around with it seeing if there was a way for him to find his family. He asked his other indian friends how fast a train would go back when. He figured out a zone of where his family could be. He remembers the surroundings of where he used to live. He would look none stop. His girlfriend said he was obsessed. One day he was just looking around when he saw a water tower that looked familiar to him. He asked this facebook group what the city was right next to it. It was called Ganesh Talai. He thought to himself, a five year old boy would pronounce Ganesh Talai, Ginestlay. As he kept looking he found the street that he lived on when he was 5. He told his parents and he got a flight to india. When he got there he looked in the house and nobody was there.

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